Times are tough!

The economy is in the can, J-O-B creation is ever so slow, and people are desperately trying to find ways to supplement their incomes, or replace the ones they lost when they got downsized or outsourced out of their last J-O-B. Sounds like a crisis, but, like the saying goes, a great crisis is usually the place where you will find great opportunity!

I have been a home business enthusiast for almost 20 years now, and the truth is that I have never seen more opportunity. I am constantly confronted by folks who have been dreaming about leaving the rat race behind for years, but never did anything about it because they were stuck in their comfort zone and scared to step out of it.

Now, with this economic upheaval, they suddenly find themselves in a situation where they have to look for a way to increase their income or flat-out come up with a new way to make a living, and that’s where opportunity in the home-based business industry comes in.

I decided to put this blog together precisely because those folks need to know that there is another way, a better way. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people with 20 or 25 years of employment history in a company being kicked out on their rears without a pension or a savings plan, only because the owners decided to cut their costs and move half or all of their operation overseas, to a place where they pay workers $10 per day instead of $10 per hour.

The bad news is that, as a result of this economic storm we’ve witnessed, that may be the new state of affairs for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re one of those who are content with a J-O-B, more power to you, but the pleasure may not last you for long.

There is a better way! A better way through which you’re not subject to the ups and downs of someone else’s bottom line. This way allows you to own your own time and do things when and how you want, and that is self-employment working out of your own home, and on your own terms for the most part.

I created this blog because I believe deeply that we can achieve more working for ourselves. More happiness, more security, and the knowledge that we can use more of our time to be with our families, without having to worry about dealing with a boss that has you constantly hanging by a thread and dancing to his tune for his convenience. Why work your fingers to the bone making someone else rich, when you could be creating wealth for yourself and your loved ones?

Yes, these are hard times, but knowledge is power, and within this blog I will share all the knowledge that I have acquired throughout 20 years of trial and error and intent observation of the home-based business industry. Making a living from home is a reality, a reality that you can share in if you’re willing to open your mind, leave your comfort zone behind, and learn new methods and techniques.

Let’s take advantage of the opportunities created by this economic crisis! They are all around us and there for the taking. You just have to know where to look for them and what to do once you spot them. That’s what I’m here for!

To Our Success Together!

Rafael GarrettĀ  };-)