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Advertise to 1,398,100 Prospects for FREE!

leadsleapThe following are the IDEAL conditions for any income opportunity:

It must have passive income potential (you work one-time and get paid forever!), it must have multiple streams of income (so that you can make money in many ways), it must provide excellent training so that you know exactly what to do to build your income, and it must build YOU a network of leads so that you can tap into this network for ALL your other businesses in the future!

I have found such an opportunity, and it is called LeadsLeap!

LeadsLeap is a leads generation system that allows you to advertise and build leads for FREE while giving you an opportunity to make money through several streams of income.

First, you earn commissions from their super-strong one-time offer for new members, which is crazy good and very, VERY hard to reject.

Then, you earn monthly recurring commissions from their PRO advertising membership, which is the upgrade of the free membership offer and provides much more in the way of advertising opportunities and reach. This PRO advertising membership provides tremendous value that can massively increase the PRO members’ earnings. When the PRO members make more money, they will continue to stay as a PRO member. This means you will continue to earn commissions every month!

Lastly, you earn 50% from all other LeadsLeap products FOR LIFE. This means whenever your referrals purchase any products in the future, you will still earn 50% commission.

The best part is that there is nothing extra you need to do besides setting up your account and promoting your affiliate link. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a list, sending an email newsletter or anything of that sort! This is truly a hands-free business opportunity if I ever saw one…Create your FREE account NOW!

Point and Click your Way to Prosperity on the Web!

optimizepress-150x150There are many good business systems on the Internet that attract thousands of prospective webpreneurs every day, but most of these systems fail to provide the tools or the control needed to achieve real success. As a result, most of these well-meaning people get frustrated and quit soon after they began their quest for Internet wealth.

Most online business systems will provide new members with a replicated website that can be used to generate leads and sales, and that’s great. However, in many instances, (if not most), these replicated websites come with built-in autoresponders that cannot be edited, or what’s worse, they don’t come with an autoresponder system at all, and this is a BIG problem!

In order to get around this problem, the new member must create a personal lead generation page and link it to an autoresponder that he/she controls, and that contains the specific sales messages he/she wants to send out. There’s no tool better for that purpose than OptimizePress.

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that allows Internet marketers to create professional lead generation and sales pages that can be integrated to the autoresponder system of their choice. This allows for the creation of a comprehensive marketing funnel that allows the marketer to exercise complete control of the process, from lead capture to final sale.

With OptimizePress, new Internet marketers can create high-quality websites that feature high conversion rates by using a very simple point-and-click interface, without the ridiculously high costs of hiring web designers or code programmers. If you know how to check your email and cut and paste, you can use OptimizePress.

There are many good business systems that I work with that don’t provide me the opportunity to set up complete marketing funnels, either because they lack flexibility or they lack basic tools like autoresponders and such, and the way I get around that limitation is by using OptimizePress. This way I can attract prospects, build subscriber lists, and gain paying customers with any program I want, regardless of any limitations or flaws the program may suffer from.

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that must be set up by itself in its own hosting solution, and the set up is pretty much the same you would find with any WordPress installation, quite easy and self-explanatory.

One of the best features of the theme is that there are no monthly fees, (other than your monthly hosting fee of $4 to $8). You only have to make a one-time payment of $97 for the theme and pay for the initial hosting set-up, which will run you about $120. When all is said and done you’ll have spent about $220, but you’ll have a powerful marketing platform that will allow you to function like the big-time marketers for a fraction of the cost.

If you are serious about making money on the Web, you should consider getting this valuable marketing tool. Check it out HERE!

The Web Marketing Process Simplified

online-marketing-150x150So, you decide you want to start making money using the Internet. Then you start looking for an online business opportunity that appeals to you and seems easily workable. You find one such opportunity you like and decide to join…So far, so good…

Many Internet business systems nowadays will give you what is called a replicated website, along with some kind of lead generation mechanism so you can get started. However, in order to really be successful you need to have control of the entire process, and most of the time these business systems won’t give you full control.

When this happens you can stay with the system, but you have to develop sales pages and email marketing messages of your own. And you will also have to develop a mechanism that will allow you to attract your own prospects and follow up with them consistently until they either join your program or buy your product, or ask to opt out and stop receiving communication from you. This mechanism is commonly known as a marketing funnel.

This may sound overwhelming at first, and may give you the impression that you won’t be able to do any of it unless you are some kind of web programming wizard, but nothing could be further from the truth. You can do all of this if you know how to do basic things like surfing the Web, cutting and pasting, and checking your email. All you need is the right tools, and we’ll discuss what those are next.

First, you need a lead generation or “squeeze” page that can be integrated with an autoresponder that you control. A squeeze page is called that because it is designed to squeeze your prospect’s email address from him, so that it can go into your autoresponder and you can start sending him marketing messages after he opts in. A squeeze page normally looks like this. A few Internet business systems out there will provide you with already-made squeeze pages that can be integrated with your own autoresponder, but most won’t.

If the business system of your choice doesn’t provide you with a squeeze page that can be integrated with your own autoresponder, you can create one with a wonderful tool called OptimizePress. Once you have created your squeeze page, you need to integrate it with your autoresponder. No need to worry, because OptimizePress makes all of this very easy to do! It can be done in about ten minutes with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Once you have all of this ready, when a prospect drops his email address into your squeeze page your autoresponder will take over and start sending him your sales messages in the sequence and frequency you choose.

Some business systems provide these messages and some don’t, and if yours doesn’t, I can show you where to get some powerful sales messages that will do the awkward sales work for you. In these messages you must point your prospect to the sales/order page that your business system provides, so that if he decides to buy or join he’ll be able to do it right away and without complications.

And that is pretty much it! This certainly isn’t rocket science, but there are details that can be easily overlooked or not executed the right way that can derail the whole process for you, so you have to be careful and do things right. I have linked this page to others that explain OptimizePress and autoresponders in detail, so just click on the links for more info…Happy Marketing!

Email Marketing and the Law…Stay out of Trouble!

shutterstock_spamwordcloud170If you use email regularly, you know how frustrating it is to receive hundreds of spam messages every day that do nothing but create clutter in your inbox, and in many cases act as malware and spyware that crooks use to steal your personal financial information.  Statistics show that in recent years, close to 90% of all email messages sent have been classified as spam!

In response to that, the U.S. Government enacted a law called the CAN-SPAM Act in 2003, and has been updating it every year since in order to reflect changes in the Internet marketing industry as they take place. This law mandates Internet marketers to abide by some rules when using email for business purposes.

These rules include things like giving recipients a clear way of “opting out” or unsubscribing from your list if they wish to do so, using subject lines that are not deceptive and that clearly relate to the message’s content, and including a physical snail-mail address for your business. This law also prohibits the “harvesting”, “scraping”, or gathering of random email addresses for marketing purposes. In other words, this law bans the sending of unsolicited marketing email to anyone who hasn’t explicitly requested it.

The CAN-SPAM Act is enforced by the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission), and the basic penalty for violating it the first time is a fine of $16,000, which escalates progressively with further violations. The seven main things you need to do to comply with this law are as follows:

  1. Do not use false or misleading header information.
  2. Do not use deceptive subject lines.
  3. Identify the message as an advertisement.
  4. Tell recipients your physical location by including a valid physical postal address.
  5. Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you.
  6. Honor opt-out requests promptly.
  7. Monitor what any third-party might be doing on your behalf. If you hire another company to do your email marketing for you, you are still responsible for complying with the law.

As responsible Internet marketers, we always want to be in compliance with the law, but we also have to figure out ways to run our businesses successfully. To that end, I have devised a simple email marketing strategy that is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and works well. I want to share it with you, but will do so separately….Stay Tuned!