Investment-Mistakes-150x1501There is a very wise saying about the Biz Opp/Affiliate industry that remains as true today as it was the first time I heard it years ago…PEOPLE DON’T JOIN COMPANIES, THEY JOIN PEOPLE.

That means that in order to become successful in the Biz Opp/Affiliate Marketing industry you have to focus your efforts on becoming a trust-worthy, competent and caring team-player and team-builder, who helps others succeed…You have to BRAND YOURSELF as such.

The mistake that online marketers make in this regard is that often they are unaware of the fact that their success online lies in their ability to build a list of subscribers that know, like, and trust them.

The best way to brand yourself is by building a list that is focused primarily on providing support and training to your prospects! There is no better way to gain a person’s trust and respect than by sharing with them the information that will help them become successful.

If you do this, your prospects will come to know, like, and trust you, because they will realize that you are not just out to make a fast buck and then disappear.

Have you ever opted into someone’s list just to be bombarded relentlessly with all kinds of offers for cheap gimmicks and useless crap? I have, and quickly realized that those are the people that give the online marketing industry as a whole a bad name.

There are excellent tools out there that can help you brand yourself while promoting your biz opp or affiliate opportunity, and I will share them with you as this conversation progresses.

For now, you may want to consider setting up a blog!

A blog like this one is a perfect platform to brand yourself, to establish a presence as a serious online marketer, and to promote the opportunities and systems that you may be involved with.

For some free video training on how to set up a blog of your own, click HERE and then click on “Start Here” on the upper left side of the page…

Talk to you later!