7search1-150x150If you know anything about PPC marketing, you know that Google AdWords has been the leading PPC platform for many years. If used correctly, it offers all the targeted traffic Google can possibly bring to any given website.

However, the AdWords platform has always been quite expensive to use, and the powers-that-be at Google have been making the ad approval process increasingly more restrictive and difficult. As a result, many marketers have started looking for less expensive and friendlier alternatives, (not only for the AdWords PPC platform, but for all the other advertising services Google offers). It isn’t wise to rely on Google entirely for your business income, (you should never put all of your eggs in one basket).

In the quest to find these friendlier alternatives, I came across 7Search.com, a so-called “second-tier” search engine that works almost in the same way as Google AdWords. I believe the “second-tier” label is rather unfair in relation to 7Search, because it offers a decent amount of traffic for a fraction of the price that Google AdWords charges.

The 7Search interface is way more user-friendly, and they are a great option for newbies who are just getting started with PPC marketing. The key to success with PPC is testing your keywords and your ads, and 7Search makes this affordable and easy. Once you find the specific campaign that produces results for you on 7Search, you can scale up and take it to the big PPC platforms like Bing and MSN, (but I would stay away from Google AdWords, personally).

7Search offers a very useful Keyword Suggestion Tool that will help you find the appropriate keywords to use with your offer, and their bidding system makes it easy for you to determine which keywords are working and which are not. I am running ads right now on 7Search that cost me only 10 cents per click. I used to pay up to 2 Dollars a click for the same ads on AdWords…That kind of difference in cost can really make an impact on your bottom line!

If you are new to the industry and want to try an affordable PPC option while learning how to use it, I strongly recommend going with 7Search.com!

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