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What is the #1 thing online marketers need in order to be successful, (other than a high-converting sales funnel)?… If you answered with the word “TRAFFIC”, you are absolutely correct!

Do you think you could make money offering high-quality traffic to these online marketers who so desperately need it?


That is what the new Traffic Authority business system is all about… It was created by the same pioneering folks who conceived and started the highly rated CPC Broker system a few years back, which was really the first outlet to provide high quality, affordable traffic to the online marketing community. These gentlemen’s names areĀ Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey.

What is different about Traffic Authority is that on top of providing that same quality traffic, it also offers the opportunity to become a reseller of the various traffic packages that are available in the system’s Traffic Store, and make anywhere from $100 to an astounding $4,000 a pop

And the Traffic Store does ALL OF THE SELLING FOR YOU!

The system’s flagship product is the “Traffic Optimizer” suite of tools, which include a superb squeeze page builder, link trackers, rotators, and split-testing software that allows online marketers to do business online efficiently and cost-effectively. As a Traffic Authority member you get full access to all of these tools, of course.

The monthly cost for this product is $27, and the monthly commission you get paid for as long as your client has an active account is $20, which is quite generous!

The system also features something called the Traffic Academy, which consists of a comprehensive ‘A to Z’ course on online marketing, lead generation, and how to convert those leads into paying customers. The Traffic Academy will also offer live training via webinar, taught by actual 6 and 7-figure earners within the online marketing industry.

So, the combination of the Traffic Optimizer, the Traffic Store, and the Traffic Academy actually offers everything that is needed to make money online in one convenient package that was tailor-made for people who are new to online marketing, and also for folks who don’t want to deal with complicated technical issues like building sales funnels, landing pages, HTML, coding, etc.

The founders of this program are undisputed experts in traffic generation, and I’ve been involved with their businesses since they created CPC Broker back in late 2012. About 9 months ago they started a beta test for what would ultimately become Traffic Authority and I was involved with that as well, with good results. I am very much looking forward to this new phase and to the opportunity provided by Traffic Authority!

Do yourself and your online business a favor, and check out the details HERE… You can thank me later!

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