222391-1feGGj1400496132Some time ago we were discussing the differences between free traffic and paid traffic, and reached the conclusion that paid traffic allows us to exert much more control over the speed at which our business grows.

The most important thing that paid traffic allows us to do is build a list of subscribers or followers fairly quickly, and the truth of the matter is that building a list is the only true path to generating financial independence with an online business…

The quicker you build a responsive list, the faster you will be able to start making money with it! This is email marketing at its best and finest, and the most cost-efficient and effective way to practice it is by using solo ads.

What exactly is a Solo Ad? It works this way: Let’s say that you are an Internet marketer and, over time, you have built an email list of several thousand subscribers that like you and trust you because they find the offers you send them to be useful and valuable.

I happen to be an Internet marketer as well, and I approach you and ask you to send one of my email ads to a portion of your list in exchange for a certain amount of money. You reply by telling me that you will send my ad to 100 of your subscribers for a payment of $50.

The ad is called a Solo Ad because it will go out to 100 list subscribers by itself, and not bundled with any other offers. I benefit because the 100 subscribers will receive the ad from you, whom they already trust and respect. You benefit from the $50 dollar payment, and everybody is happy!

It might be hard to believe this, but there is a huge industry that has been built around this very simple concept, and you can use it to make your business grow in weeks or months rather than years!

There are folks who make a very good living from building huge lists and selling Solo Ads to their subscribers. The whole thing works because these marketers have taken the time to cultivate and nurture their lists, by treating their subscribers with respect and consideration and only offering them products and services of high quality.

These are the list owners you want to find and do business with, so you have to do your research carefully. Unfortunately the Solo Ad industry attracts quite a few crooks and fly-by-night scoundrels who are out to rip people off, and there are a few things you can do to avoid being victimized by them.

When dealing with a prospective Solo Ad vendor, always ask these questions BEFORE you give them any money:

– How did you build your list?
– How responsive is it?
– Have you mailed my particular offer to them before, and if so, what were the results?
– Do you add new subscribers to your list on a regular basis, and if so, how?
– How long have you been a Solo Ad vendor?

You might also want to ask them to let you opt into their list, so you can see what types of offers get sent to it and how often.

Any decent, reputable vendor will get back to you promptly with answers to these questions, which are perfectly reasonable. If you send these questions to a vendor and he/she doesn’t reply in a timely manner, (or does not reply at all), move on to someone else…

If a vendor won’t take the time to answer a few simple questions, it is very likely that they are out to scam people with a list that is dated and unresponsive, or with no list at all, (just bots sending phantom hits to your page).

ALWAYS use tracking software of your own instead of relying on the vendor’s stats, (if they offer any). That way you can make sure that you are getting all the clicks that were promised, (if you pay to have your ad sent to 100 subscribers, you should get 100 clicks to your squeeze page). And if you’re using a halfway decent squeeze page, you should get at least the standard 20 to 30% opt-in rate to your list!

Solo Ads can be a great way to grow your business when used the right way!

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