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Become Financially Independent Using The Traffic Authority System!

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What is the #1 thing online marketers need in order to be successful, (other than a high-converting sales funnel)?… If you answered with the word “TRAFFIC”, you are absolutely correct!

Do you think you could make money offering high-quality traffic to these online marketers who so desperately need it?


That is what the new Traffic Authority business system is all about… It was created by the same pioneering folks who conceived and started the highly rated CPC Broker system a few years back, which was really the first outlet to provide high quality, affordable traffic to the online marketing community. These gentlemen’s names are Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey.

What is different about Traffic Authority is that on top of providing that same quality traffic, it also offers the opportunity to become a reseller of the various traffic packages that are available in the system’s Traffic Store, and make anywhere from $100 to an astounding $4,000 a pop

And the Traffic Store does ALL OF THE SELLING FOR YOU!

The system’s flagship product is the “Traffic Optimizer” suite of tools, which include a superb squeeze page builder, link trackers, rotators, and split-testing software that allows online marketers to do business online efficiently and cost-effectively. As a Traffic Authority member you get full access to all of these tools, of course.

The monthly cost for this product is $27, and the monthly commission you get paid for as long as your client has an active account is $20, which is quite generous!

The system also features something called the Traffic Academy, which consists of a comprehensive ‘A to Z’ course on online marketing, lead generation, and how to convert those leads into paying customers. The Traffic Academy will also offer live training via webinar, taught by actual 6 and 7-figure earners within the online marketing industry.

So, the combination of the Traffic Optimizer, the Traffic Store, and the Traffic Academy actually offers everything that is needed to make money online in one convenient package that was tailor-made for people who are new to online marketing, and also for folks who don’t want to deal with complicated technical issues like building sales funnels, landing pages, HTML, coding, etc.

The founders of this program are undisputed experts in traffic generation, and I’ve been involved with their businesses since they created CPC Broker back in late 2012. About 9 months ago they started a beta test for what would ultimately become Traffic Authority and I was involved with that as well, with good results. I am very much looking forward to this new phase and to the opportunity provided by Traffic Authority!

Do yourself and your online business a favor, and check out the details HERE… You can thank me later!

My Top Tier Business – A Unique, 100% ‘Done-For-You’ Wealth Creation System

MTTB1-150x150Statistics tell us that close to 98% of people who start a home-based business in the Make Money Online niche end up failing, and they fail for many reasons…

In many cases these reasons include a lack of true drive and the inability to be persistent and consistent when it comes to marketing. Others who fail do so due to their overly unrealistic insistence on relying solely on free traffic generation methods, (a negative tendency we’ve discussed before in this space).

Some folks believe that they will put up a website and get rich overnight as if by magic, without any kind of sustained effort on their part…And then there are those folks who have drive and ability, and who are willing to put in the effort and be consistent, but most of them end up failing as well. The problem with these good, otherwise highly motivated people is that sooner or later they come face to face with a dreaded five-letter word most of us hate…SALES.

The painful truth of the matter is that in the online world, (just as in the brick-and-mortar world), money only exchanges hands once someone sells something to someone else. That something can be a service, a physical product, or just plain time, but the exchange of money only takes place after this process has occurred.

That is why I am always on the lookout for ‘Done-For-You’ business systems that take that painful sales process out of my personal equation, and the best one I have found so far is MyTopTierBusiness, (or MTTB for short). MTTB is one of many programs within MOBE, (or My Online Business Empire), which is the fastest-growing company within the Make Money Online niche. MOBE was created by Australian entrepreneur and online marketing mogul Matt Lloyd.

MTTB is easy to get into in that it is very affordable and simple to execute, and it is also the pathway to a Top-Tier, High-Ticket program that allows you to earn commissions that range from $1,000 to $5,000 without any sales pitches of any kind, and without picking up the phone at all. All that you have to do is promote the system using the strategies that the MTTB 21-Step program teaches.

The program offers personal 1-to-1 coaching with a 6-Figure earner within MOBE that is assigned to you, plus a highly professional phone sales team that calls your leads and closes deals with them on your behalf! (This last point was the main reason why I joined the program). On top of that, it features an unheard-of $500 guarantee if you don’t make money within 30 days of finishing the 21-Step training program.

MTTB/MOBE is the perfect program for people who want to make a significant income online without ever having to sell anything to anyone, and without even having to pick up the phone. This is the first program of that kind I have ever seen and been involved with, and one of the things I love about it is that it takes away the stress and teaches people how to master the art of online marketing as it was meant to be implemented.

MTTB and MOBE make it much, MUCH easier for people to succeed because they offer a genuine ‘done-for-you’ solution to the problems that cause the 98% I mentioned before to fail…Do yourself a favor and learn more by clicking HERE!

Use dropship products to make a great living from home!

online-auction-site-reviews-150x150About 750,000 people currently make a great living from home selling products on eBay,,,, and other similar online auction websites, and you can do that too with dropship products.

Dropship products are those which you can sell without having to stock or even physically handle inventory. The buyer sees an item he or she likes in your website, pays you for it, you deduct your commission and turn around and pay the supplier, and the supplier ships the item straight to the buyer…No hassles!

You can get your dropshipping website from the good folks at, without having to enter into a contract with them or having to make a huge investment right out of the gate. You can get a basic website that only gives you access to the products, or you can go with the fully-loaded turnkey auction management website, which comes fully automated with the eBay Wizard auction management option, and ready to process credit card and PayPal payments without you needing to get a merchant account.

This online income system features no monthly fees, (unless you decide to go with the turnkey solution), and comes with daily updates as new products get added. It also issues monthly reports on your sales. And it offers you the opportunity to add one more stream of income to your marketing efforts through their free two-tier affiliate reseller program!

You can get more information about this opportunity and join HERE.

What exactly is SBI’s SiteSell?

sitebuilditJoining SBI and going through their program is much like getting an MBA in Online Marketing, because it teaches you how to build a successful e-business, except that, while you’re learning, you are actually building the business!

Site Build It is a business-building system with all the software and tools you will need, plus a comprehensive Action Guide, (both in writing and on video), with step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do and when. It also has a success-focused community in the “help-and-be-helped” SBI Forums.

It features top-notch support, and the SBI team constantly updates the tools and information, so you only have to worry about keeping up to date with your business, and not with the intricacies of Internet marketing.

The main tool that attracted me to the SBI system is their “Seed Generator”, which basically helps you find keywords and concepts that are not too broad and competitive, or too narrow and not competitive enough. In other words, this tool steers you away from topics and keywords that have low business potential, virtually guaranteeing that your website will be successful once work on it is finished and it goes live.

Other tools include Brainstorming & Research, Domain Registration & Hosting, Look & Feel templates, Site-Building (Search Engine Optimized), Traffic Stats, Search Engine Listing & Ranking Reports, Sequential Autoresponders, Site-Blogging, Community-Building & Social Media…The list goes on and on…80+ tools and counting!

And SBI features a 90-day money-back guarantee…Take advantage of their risk-free trial offer HERE.

What is the Millionaire Marketing Machine?

The Millionaire Marketing  Machine (formerly known as AMM, or Automated Money Machine) is my Top-Tier Direct Sales business of choice. In this business model, you get paid a large commission upfront and sometimes additional income based on team members’ production, but do not receive on-going residual commissions as you would with the Empower Network. That is why I market them both!  };-)

What is the Millionaire Marketing Machine?

It is a direct sales business that appeals to entrepreneurs looking to make big commissions from home right out of the box. MMM has been around for about 4 years now and was started by home business and internet entrepreneur Rob Abrams.  The cost of entry is $500 – $20,000 (YES, $20k!). I joined at the $3,500 level, and that’s how most members join in order to qualify for the larger payout.

Here are the levels:

BRONZE: $500
SILVER: $2000
GOLD: $3500
DIAMOND: $12000
ELITE: $20000

When joining, you will also need to pay a small admin fee so Rob Abrams can make his money!

What are the Millionaire Marketing Machine products?

The products are digital software and Ebooks for marketing training and education. These products are what keeps the program from being a “Cash Gifting” program. This is completely legal and how many “top tier” programs are set up.

MMM’s best marketing tool is the very powerful webinar that does the selling for you, and the system is automated to a large extent. All you have to do is drive traffic to the well-designed lead capture page you’ll get, which comes with its own auto-responders. The program also has some the most comprehensive and well-organized “Training” and “Getting Started” sections that I’ve seen in my years as an internet marketer.

MMM represents the perfect combo of direct sales and residual income that is needed in order to achieve financial stability. That is why for some time now I have been dedicated to marketing this program almost exclusively!

For a closer look at the program and its fantastic webinar, CLICK HERE.