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You Will Find Success ONLY If You Play The Numbers Game!

blue abstract numbersIt’s a new year!

Time to asses where we are in relation to our desire to quit the rat race and start enjoying life!

This topic is something I have talked about before frequently in this space, but it bears repeating because I keep coming across newbies who don’t understand it, and who have completely unrealistic expectations as they begin their journey in the home-based business industry.

Most newbies sign up for a business opportunity program thinking that success will come along automatically, without them having to invest anything. They either refuse to make any investment of money, (another pitfall that I have also discussed before), or they become content with buying small amounts of clicks or leads once or twice… And then they become indignant and furious when financial success doesn’t materialize before them overnight.

Online marketing is a numbers game! The rule of thumb generally goes like this: For every 100 QUALIFIED prospects that you bring to your business presentation webinar, only one or two will end up buying…

And this purchase probably won’t take place immediately, but until after you have sent them several follow-up messages from your autoresponder… And sometimes it will take longer, depending on the person’s specific situation and true level of interest.

What this means is that your goal must be to reach as many QUALIFIED prospects with your marketing message as you possibly can!

How do you reach qualified prospects? By making sure you are doing your best to reach business opportunity BUYERS as opposed to reaching business opportunity seekers… And how do you reach large quantities of opportunity buyers? By making a meaningful investment in good quality traffic to your business capture pages and webinars.

Let’s say you find a reputable Solo Ad vendor and decide to buy clicks from him/her… You will find that they sell chunks of 50, 100, or 200 clicks for very little money. The truth of the matter is that you will never get the amount of numbers you need in order to be successful by sticking to these small buys.

I’m not saying you have to spend a small fortune, but you should try to secure the means that will allow you to buy 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000 clicks at a time. That is really the only way you will be able to reach enough prospects to secure sales and grow your list at the same time, which should really be your primary goal.

Make some sacrifices and save enough money to do this, or get a part-time job on top of your full-time job, and stop spending money on unnecessary things like eating out and such. Success comes through sacrifice, effort, and hard work, and not through pie-in-the-sky delusions of overnight wealth and fortune.

Can you make good money in this industry? Absolutely! Many have even gotten rich in it, but you have to drop the mindset of average conformity and adopt the mindset of success… Take risks and do what it takes to obtain the means to do what you want and live the life you truly deserve.

Stop being scared and thinking small when considering the kind of investment you are willing to make on your future. I don’t want you to go without eating three squares a day or paying your bills, but consider going the extra mile in order to make a little more money to invest in your business, so that one day you can quit the rat race and enjoy life without stress.

For a good source of high quality traffic that has worked wonders for me, you can try THIS LINK… See you on the next post!

Happy New Year!!

2014-new-year-resolutionsResolution time, Folks! If your New Year’s resolution is to make money you are in luck, because the best time to join the Home-Based Business Industry is between January 1st and May 1st of every year, (the holiday season is great too, but the January to May time frame is when most people that are seriously looking to make money from home decide to act!).

In this website you will find all the elements you will need in order to go into business for yourself and finally fire your boss, and say goodbye to trading your time and life in exchange for just enough money to get by. Make this the year when you take control of your life!

Here you will find several income-generating alternatives that are easy to implement, along with the marketing resources you will need to really put your business on the road to success, (check out the “My Business Set Up” and “Toolbox” pages for all the info).

The combination of the different business programs featured in this website with new powerful marketing options like represents a magnificent opportunity for you to build the future you have dreamed of for yourself and your loved ones, but you have to act!

Seize the day and stop procrastinating! I am ready, willing, and able to actively assist you and help you achieve your goals, but you have to make the first move…Study the options presented here, and get in touch with me with any questions you may have.

Let’s hit the ground running right now, and make 2014 the year when everything changes!

More Changes from Google…

n-GOOGLE-HUMMINGBIRD-large570-150x150Turns out that about two months ago Google went and changed its algorithm once again, but apparently this time it did it in a much larger scale than ever before.

This latest change is being called “Hummingbird”, because, (according to Google), it made the search engine “precise and fast”. From what I’ve been able to gather so far, “Hummingbird” effectively destroyed the rankings that many business websites had been able to achieve, and also destroyed their ability to attract organic traffic, (the free traffic coming to them from Google searches). This is similar to what happened when Google introduced its “Panda” and “Penguin” changes, and it is regrettable.

In my opinion, Google’s behavior is great for the casual user that goes on the search engine to look for flower vendors or auto-parts stores close to home, but it is disastrous for Internet entrepreneurs and marketers who insist on making Google their primary platform for business and profit generation. This unfortunate trend was set in motion when Google started its selective crack-down on advertisers, and with actions like the elimination of the Google Keyword Tool. It is the reason why I have been wary of putting any reliance on Google as far as marketing decisions are concerned.

Google argues that these changes are geared towards making the platform more open and conducive to community and social networking. They say that keyword optimization is pretty much out, and that a new question-answer approach to SEO is in, (in order to satisfy the end user’s need). In fact, this means that the entire SEO approach a vast majority of webpreneurs have used until very recently has become harmful, since paid back-linking and social bookmarking are now frowned upon very badly.

So, if for some reason you insist on relying solely on Google for your online marketing efforts after this last “update”, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Concentrate on using original content, (which may be fine for some, but will not work for all due to the different types of offers out there).
  2. Make sure you have a Google+ profile, and make sure you grow it consistently.
  3. Make sure you establish an ever-increasing presence in social media that is backed up by a lot of quality content that is informational, on-topic, and timely…(If you’re not good at this you will have to hire a ghost-writer, provided you have the budget for that).

Google is by no means the only source of quality traffic on the web, and there is no reason why anyone should be at the expense of their whimsical updates and changes. There is no valid reason why marketers should be bending over backwards trying to kiss Google’s ass if they risk losing everything anyway in one swoop, due to a random update Google decides to pull out of its rear end.

Yes, Google has been the big boy on the block where traffic is concerned up to now, but if this trend keeps up that will change sooner rather than later. I believe that with all these updates they are shooting themselves in the foot, because they are putting more and more constraints on the Internet marketers and advertisers that support them…You can choke the Goose only so much before it stops laying its golden eggs!

Welcome to my Home on the Web!

buying-a-green-home-welcome-matThis is a sticky post to thank you for visiting my website! (My blog is immediately below). This website is an ever-growing repository of information that will help you learn how to make money online.

In the different sections you will find tools, resources, and techniques that myself and many other Internet marketers use or have used successfully to make money online. You can find out more about who I am in the “Meet Rafael” section.

The Internet Marketing industry is very fluid and is constantly evolving, and I update this website accordingly in order to offer the latest information as it becomes available to me. A marketing strategy that works great today may not work at all six months from now, and if you keep up with this site you’ll be able to stay on top of changes that may affect your business and your income.

Learning how to make money online is not difficult, but requires focus, patience, and most of all, perseverance! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, and let’s make some money!

Rafael  };-)



Is Email Marketing Dead?

email-marketing-150x150Internet marketers who have been at this for a while and have actually studied what we do know that there is no online marketing technique that works forever. Great marketing methods that worked well six months ago may not work at all today, and the things that produce wonderful results today may end up becoming a waste of time six months from now.

Unfortunately, such is the nature of the Internet marketing beast, and I think it is quite possible we may be witnessing this process in action as I write this in regards to email marketing.

Back in the day, (when the Internet was in its infancy), email marketing was a wonderful way to make thousands of dollars at the click of a button by sending one email to a random list of people. There was no regulation, the unethical and shady fly-by-night email marketers that prey on the public today were few and far between, and Internet users still got excited whenever they got email of any kind. Those were the days, my friends…{:-(

Now we have tons of regulation that was created as a result of the work of said unethical miscreants, and people have started to view email as another source of unwelcome aggravation, (again, thanks to the junk email they have been buried under by these shady individuals). I read a statistic the other day that said that almost 90% of the email that gets sent and received is nothing but unsolicited sales drivel that does nothing but irritate the average recipient, and work against those of us who are legitimate Internet marketers trying to make a living online.

To top that circumstance off, the main email service providers like Google and Yahoo have been taking ever more serious and restrictive steps to curb the junk email epidemic, and the latest step is nothing short of a marketing killer.

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that it would introduce the division of email inboxes with tabs labeled “Personal”, “Social”, and “Promotion”. It did, and now the email that goes to your Gmail inbox gets sorted automatically and quite arbitrarily, with marketing email automatically going into the “Promotions” tab.

This is a HUGE problem for us Internet marketers, because now reaching a prospect with our marketing message has become exponentially more difficult than it was before. Even when a prospect decides to opt into our squeeze pages, our follow-up autoresponder emails will get automatically dumped into his “Promotion” tab. Maybe I am being overly pessimistic, but I happen to believe that most people will look at the “Promotion” tab and experience an overwhelming urge to erase its contents without reading them, (due to the generally strong aversion towards junk email that exists out there).

A vast number of email users have free Gmail accounts, and I believe that Yahoo and the other email service providers out there may not be far behind Google in taking similar measures. To me, this trend means that email is on the way out as an effective method to put our marketing message out there, at least until some marketing genius comes up with a way to counter the trend. That will probably happen, but it will take some time.

In view of this, I have decided to walk away from email marketing for now and concentrate on things like SEO through Article Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Banner Advertising, and offline methods like Postcards and Display Ads in home business publications like Entrepreneur, etc. Successful marketers learn to adapt and roll with changes like this one in the Internet Marketing industry, but we don’t necessarily have to like it…  };-)

The New Economy and the Home-Based Business Industry

New-Economy-300x257We are almost halfway through 2013, and a new and different economic reality is settling upon us. The era when you could graduate from school with a guarantee of finding long-term, meaningful employment seems to be coming to an end rather painfully.

In its place, we are being enveloped by an economy that is based on more Darwinian terms, where extreme turn-over and near-impossible hiring standards are the order of the day. More and more companies are refusing to hire people who have been unemployed for more than six months, or people whose credit histories have been negatively impacted by the recent economic downturn, and those people number in the millions. Consequently, basing your economic future on the prospect of getting a J-O-B seems to be no longer advisable or even feasible.

This new economic environment may seem negative and depressing, but it really isn’t, because it is setting up more and more possibilities for those of us who have chosen to be self-employed. The combination of the recent shifts in the economic landscape and the new possibilities offered by technology makes the home-based business industry a new niche, from which millions will gather the strength and resources that will enable them to get back on their feet.

This is the right moment in time to start the process of ditching your J-O-B and firing your boss, before they are compelled by the new economic reality to do the same thing to you. This is a perfect time to start scouting for the right business opportunity and for the marketing resources that will allow you to break the chains of economic mediocrity once and for all.

This website is replete with such opportunities and resources. I use them to make a living from home, and they have empowered me to be in full control of my time and my destiny. You can do the exact same thing if you are willing to invest some effort consistently, and to absorb new information and learn a new way of doing things.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take control of your economic future, and I will be glad to help you every step of the way if and when you decide to commit to improving your situation and invest time and effort on a consistent manner. All you have to do is review this website and contact me with any questions you may have…Then we will start the process that will take you to the next level!

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs!

Here is one of Steve’s quotes that I really love:

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.

It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

… “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

– Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


Do you invest your time wisely, or do you waste it foolishly?

Time is the most precious commodity we have. It is the greatest equalizer. If you don’t admit this and start treating time with the respect it deserves, you will lose, and you will only have yourself to blame. Whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or sick, male or female, tall or short, ugly or good-looking, you only have 24 hours per day either way, and the fact is that you should always try to use them wisely.

We usually waste our time and energy mostly worrying and thinking about abstract things like how nice it would be to make more money or live a better life. And when we do this, we usually forget about the most important thing – employing the time that life has given us wisely. A wise man will always tell you: “You can always make more money, but you can never buy more time”.

How many times are you truly aware of the ways you spend your time? How do you choose to invest your time? The word “investment” is accurately used here, because the way we choose to spend our time is a true investment in ourselves and in our own lives. The sad reality is that you will never find the true value of time if you base it on the way most people around you act and talk.

People usually spend hours and hours in front of the TV, or they waste a lot of time surfing the Web with no productive purpose whatsoever. Some of us even try to steal more time at the expense of much needed hours of sleep. Sometimes people decide to go to sleep later and wake up earlier in the morning, so they’ll have “more time” to do things. Then they try to fix the situation by smoking a bunch of cigarettes and drinking a pint of coffee so they can stay awake. I don’t know about you, but to me that definitely doesn’t seem the right way to go about managing one’s time effectively.

There is a proper time for everything. The truth of the matter is that you will never start experiencing success or prosperity until you have disciplined and organized yourself enough to follow a daily regime that allows for enough time to get quality rest, and enough time to do quality work. Without that ability to exercise self-discipline and enact some self-organization, success and prosperity will keep eluding you regardless of whatever else you do.

Everyone is always saying things like: “I’m just counting the hours to go home” or “I wish it were Friday” on a Monday, and so on. These are just signs that those people are chronic time-wasters. Are you one of them? If you are, shake it off and snap out of it!

Organize your time efficiently, and make the conscious choice to engage primarily in activities that bring some immediate or long-term benefit to your business and your life. If the choice in front of you is to watch the latest Adam Sandler movie or spend a couple of hours optimizing your marketing blog, which one do you think you should take?

Whenever you catch yourself wasting time aimlessly, think about the Roman saying: ”Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day! It has great meaning for our everyday life! Or better said, (in a way that better fits our modern day lifestyles), “Organize your day”! Make it a point to analyze the way in which you choose to either invest or waste your time. And never forget that you can’t possibly know what tomorrow is going to put in front of you, so “Carpe Diem!”

Get Better At Time Management: Avoid Procrastination!

When it comes to time management, one of the most important things you can ever learn is how to avoid procrastination. Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons for loss of time. Do you ever feel like you work but get nothing done, plan to clean but never really finish anything, or start projects and never complete them? Chances are high that, just like me, you have a problem with procrastination.

The good news is that by acquiring proper time management skills and habits, you can overcome the problem of procrastination. Once you do, you can make these skills and habits work for you in all areas of your life: work, home, personal and more. You will then find that you are more successful in everything you do and you will also have more time for doing the things you enjoy.

When it comes to time management and avoiding procrastination, one of the first things you need to do is plan your day. When you have a schedule to follow it makes it much easier to make sure you’re staying on task and accomplishing things as you should be.

One common reason why people procrastinate is because they are working on a task that just seems too big or too daunting to complete on their own. This can be overwhelming, and it is difficult for the mind to figure out how to process the information. This is why you will typically put it off and avoid doing it. One way to resolve this is to break the task down into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t seem so difficult.

Another way to avoid procrastination is to set deadlines for yourself. You should set these earlier than the actual deadlines you have for work or other projects. This gives you some “wiggle-room” as they say, in case something comes up or there is an emergency of some type.

Another time management technique for avoiding procrastination is to reward yourself when you meet your goals and stick to your schedule. This can give you the motivation you need to stay on task. With all of these tips combined, you can stop procrastinating and start doing the things that are important to you. Your stress will be greatly reduced and you will feel better about life!

Is your business computer secure?

Adware, (software dedicated to displaying advertising), can really slow down any business that depends on computers. Adware promoters use some cunning tricks to get you to install their software on your machine. Here’s what to look out for.

Adware is, by definition, something that reasonable people don’t want in their computers. That’s why adware can’t just come out and ask people to install it. Often, the computer owner is completely unaware of it being installed. But not always.

When adware doesn’t want to sneak in through an open window, it will try to trick you into letting it in through the front door. Don’t think you could be tricked? Don’t be so sure until you’ve checked out these most common ways people have been tricked into allowing malware to be installed on their machines.

Adware Installation Trick 1: Piggybacking

How it works: Malware may come bundled with a legitimate piece of software the user actually wants, such as a game or emoticon. The malware is merely labeled “companion software”, without any indication of what it will do.

How to fight it: The fact that adware so often comes bundled with “entertainment” software, (most notably the file-swapping program Kazaa), is a very good reason to separate business from personal when it comes to computing. But adware can sometimes come bundled with non-entertainment software, such as search tools or cracks of legitimate business software. Be very suspicious of any software that comes bundled with other software. Don’t install software that comes bundled with other software unless you know everything that the bundled software does. After all, if the bundled program has anything to do with the program you actually want, why couldn’t the software developer just get both programs’ functionalities into a single piece of software? Software developers are now very sensitive to malware concerns and will provide a lengthy explanation of just why the bundled software is necessary, in the cases when they actually do need to use bundled software.

Adware Installation Trick 2: Bait and Switch

How it works: Since people are getting more and more suspicious of bundled software, the program’s developers may simply label it as valuable software, for instance, a browser plugin that supposedly accelerates web browsing (but in reality only shows ads).

How to fight it: Again, a suspicious mind is useful in avoiding malware. Ask yourself some questions:

* What will this software actually do? Adware and adware-bundled software often come with very fuzzy claims attached. Sure, it says it will improve your browsing experience, but how? Often, this improved browsing experience just means a browsing experience with more advertising.

* If the software is so great, why is it being given away free? Most commonly, software is only given out free in two cases: if it’s OpenSource (designed by a community of developers and not proprietary–OpenSource software is always clearly labeled as such); or simply a come-on for a fuller-featured version of the software. If neither case is true, there’s a real chance the software is financed by adware.

Adware Installation Trick 3: Outright Lying

How it works: Adware may even be labeled as something else entirely, such as a well-known piece of software or a crucial component of the computer operating system.

How to fight it: This is the trickiest adware of all, and requires extreme caution. You don’t want to start deleting any of your program files, much less your system registry entries, unless you’re absolutely sure it’s malware. Plenty of overzealous parasite hunters have shot their own machines to bits this way. This is one case where you want to be using an anti-spyware program, and preferably a second anti-spyware program to provide a second opinion.

Getting Rid of Adware

Adware is so tricky that trying to uninstall it by yourself could be like a trip into the Matrix. Luckily, there are good anti-spyware programs that tackle adware as well–after all, many adware programs are also spyware, (the kind that monitors your internet usage).

True, it may feel like adding insult to injury to have to install more software to get rid of software you never meant to install in the first place. But keeping your computer free of adware is just one new cost of doing business, and in our online business, without a computer in proper working order, we are truly dead in the water!

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