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What Exactly is an Autoresponder?


There is just no way to become successful in List Building and Online Marketing without using a reliable autoresponder!

What exactly is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an email management system that captures leads for you, and allows you to send email to hundreds or even thousands of those leads in a specific sequence, at a frequency that you choose.

My email subscriber lists and the emails that get sent to those subscribers are all managed and sent by an autoresponder.

Think of your autoresponder as your very own sales agent that is online and working for you 24/7/365! Anyone trying to do business online must have one in order to be successful.

And you need to have YOUR OWN AUTORESPONDER THAT YOU PAY FOR, AND THAT YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER! This is a must… There are free autoresponders out there, but their capabilities are quite limited and they are not reliable… They tend to fail when you need them the most.

Another positive feature of autoresponders is that they enable you to keep track of your customers, and also enable you to stay in compliance with the different laws that govern email marketing.

The autoresponder I use is Aweber, and I use it because it is very reliable, very affordable, very easy to use, and offers me great customer support. You can find it HERE.

Now go get your Aweber autoresponder, and Happy Marketing!


Market your Biz Opp like a Pro!

Great-Idea-150x150So, what do most newbies do to promote their brand new online businesses?…

99% of the time they start looking for free marketing methods they can use without shelling out a dime!… And 99% of the time these methods either don’t work at all, or they do work but take forever and a whole lot of persistent effort to generate any meaningful results, (and this infuriates the newbie, who for some reason thought that the big money would start rolling in overnight with very minimum effort).

That’s just how it goes, folks.

What happens then? 99% of the time the newbie gets completely discouraged and starts yelling and screaming about their biz opp being a “scam”, (naturally, since it didn’t make them rich overnight, without moving a finger, and as if by magic).

Are you one of those people? Well, you might not want to admit to it, but I will… I was one of those sadly misguided people once upon a time, before I traversed the learning curve and learned the right way to do things online.

The uncomfortable truth is that 99% of us started that way!

Some newbies never find their way to the learning curve…

Some others find it, but refuse to ride it and never learn anything, ending up in failure and frustration…

And some find it, ride it, and when they get to the other side they know how to promote and run their online businesses just like the pros and the gurus do!

Today I want to share an idea with you that could put you in the third group if you implement it intelligently…

You see, the only way to achieve financial success online is by building a list of subscribers, regardless of whatever your biz opp of choice may be… And in order to make it, you have to have a system in place that will allow you to fund your business efforts while simultaneously building your list and promoting your biz opp.

This is pretty much the principle behind the “Funded Proposal” concept, with a List-Building twist added to it.

There are two programs you can use that will provide that funded proposal platform for you, while allowing you to grow your list of subscribers virally, fund your marketing efforts as you go, and promote your biz opp… ALL AT ONCE.

These two systems are List Spark and List Legacy

I strongly recommend you click on the links above and learn the details for each program… You will find that they both offer free versions and paid premium versions.

If you have a somewhat decent marketing budget, you could choose to use the free versions only so you can build your list…

… But if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on promotion, then you might want to go with the paid versions, as those are the part of the system that will provide you with the Funded Proposal element that is so necessary in online marketing.

Remember, List Spark and List Legacy... Check them out, use them, and enjoy your marketing!

You can thank me later… };-)

What is Pay-Per-View Marketing, (PPV)?


To understand what Pay-Per-View marketing is, first we must quickly review the paid advertising methods that are available to you as an Internet marketer.

There are two types of paid advertising that you can use to promote your online business: Fixed-Cost Advertising and Performance-Based Advertising.

An example of Fixed-Cost Advertising consists on you paying a set fee to display your banner ad or link on a website and hoping that many people see it. It can be effective if you have a sizable advertising budget and if you are more interested in building your brand recognition than in achieving sales. This type of advertising is usually directed to the public at large, without any concerns for targeting a very specific audience.

On the other hand, Performance-Based Advertising consists on you paying for the actions that people take to view your ad and visit your website. It is almost always very targeted to a very specific audience, and you can start using it even if you don’t have a sizable advertising budget. Pay-Per-View marketing belongs in this category, along with Pay-Per-Click.

As you probably already know, Pay-Per-Click is a type of marketing where you use keywords to get people using search engines like Google and Yahoo to click on your ads, and then you pay a fee for each click depending on the keyword. That is a form of Performance-Based Advertising that most people wanting to promote their business on the Internet are familiar with.

However, not many people are aware of the existence of Pay-Per-View marketing and the different Pay-Per-View networks that provide this service. When using Pay-Per-View marketing, you pay for each time that your ad is shown to a person that you target through the use of keywords and URL’s. In other words, you pay for each impression of your ad, (as opposed to paying for each click like in Pay-Per-Click marketing).

Pay-Per-View networks like Lead Impact, TrafficVance, MediaTraffic, and Direct CPV have tens of millions of members who have agreed to be shown advertisements matching their interests, in exchange for being able to download things like screensavers and games. You can become an advertiser on these networks and promote your business to all these millions of people, without having to put up with the inconvenient and often unreasonable hassles that expensive Pay-Per-Click platforms like Google AdWords impose on their users.

It works like this: Say you are promoting your business opportunity, and you want to use PPV marketing. You need to apply for admission into one of the PPV networks, and then research which keywords people looking for a good business opportunity would use on their web searches. When you find the keywords you think would be good, you upload them to your PPV network account and put together a campaign, (which is easy to do).

Once your campaign is running, if a user in the PPV network does a search using one of your keywords, your ad will pop up on their browser in front of them right at the moment when they are searching for what you are offering…THIS IS VERY POWERFUL!

PPV networks work on the bid system, where you bid for the keywords you want to use, and the impressions go to the highest bidder. I have run successful PPV campaigns where I only paid a penny and a half for each impression!

When used properly, PPV marketing can be a very, very affordable way to promote your offer to a very large number of targeted prospects, for a fraction of what it would cost to achieve the same results using PPC with Google or with Facebook.

For more detailed information, I invite you to watch my FREE TRAINING on how to use Pay-Per-View marketing and achieve success in your online business!

The BEST Funded Proposal System Ever!

my-lead-system-pro-150x150Do you know what a Funded Proposal System is?

The term sounds a lot more complicated than it really is…In the course of building your online business, the majority of prospects you show your product or opportunity to will say no and walk away. That’s an undeniable fact that we all need to learn to deal with in the Home Business Internet industry.

A Funded Proposal System is nothing but a set of marketing plans and tools that you can use to profit from all those people who say “NO”…Doesn’t that sound good?

The main idea here is that you will offer those naysayers something of informational value that can help them grow their for-profit online activity, in exchange for the opportunity to expose your product or opportunity to them. Every smart online marketer must have this at their disposal in order to be able to successfully build their business.

There are several things that you will be able to accomplish by using a good Funded Proposal System:

  • You will be able to start generating immediate cash flow that will help you offset your marketing expenses and create profits. This will take off a lot of the pressure that new marketers usually experience!
  • You will be able to quickly build a list of targeted and qualified prospects that want what you have, using the system as a mechanism to sort the truly serious people from the time-wasting tire-kickers.
  • Your Funding Proposal System will act as your sales rep on the Web 24 hours per day, 365 days per year!

My FPS of choice is MyLeadSystemPro. MLSP allows me to generate more prospect leads than I can handle, and it allows me to build a relationship with those prospects on autopilot. This great system has also provided me with tons of training that allows me to brand myself as a knowledgeable and seasoned online business person.

The innovative MLSP Academy that sits in the back of the house features hundreds of hours of up-to-date training on every facet of Internet Marketing, from building your business using Social Media, to using Pay-Per-Click Marketing, to Solo Ads, and everything in between.

MLSP offers the opportunity to collect 100% profits when you sell the flagship products that are part of the Mastery set-up, which is unheard of in the affiliate marketing industry, and that is just one of the four income streams that this innovative system provides. The truth is that you could start making good money promoting only this system!

Start using MLSP today and forget about buying expensive tire-kicker leads, forget about chasing people, and forget about having to use high-pressure selling techniques, (or selling altogether, for that matter). No rejection, no convincing anyone, no “closing”, and no headaches!

Most online marketers today face two big problems: Lack of good prospect leads, and lack of money. MLSP offers a combination of real marketing training and cutting edge tools in a single business platform that will help you eliminate these problems…It is time for you to start using the leverage offered by the Internet to build your business and make it thrive!, a Fantastic Pay-Per-Click Option!

7search1-150x150If you know anything about PPC marketing, you know that Google AdWords has been the leading PPC platform for many years. If used correctly, it offers all the targeted traffic Google can possibly bring to any given website.

However, the AdWords platform has always been quite expensive to use, and the powers-that-be at Google have been making the ad approval process increasingly more restrictive and difficult. As a result, many marketers have started looking for less expensive and friendlier alternatives, (not only for the AdWords PPC platform, but for all the other advertising services Google offers). It isn’t wise to rely on Google entirely for your business income, (you should never put all of your eggs in one basket).

In the quest to find these friendlier alternatives, I came across, a so-called “second-tier” search engine that works almost in the same way as Google AdWords. I believe the “second-tier” label is rather unfair in relation to 7Search, because it offers a decent amount of traffic for a fraction of the price that Google AdWords charges.

The 7Search interface is way more user-friendly, and they are a great option for newbies who are just getting started with PPC marketing. The key to success with PPC is testing your keywords and your ads, and 7Search makes this affordable and easy. Once you find the specific campaign that produces results for you on 7Search, you can scale up and take it to the big PPC platforms like Bing and MSN, (but I would stay away from Google AdWords, personally).

7Search offers a very useful Keyword Suggestion Tool that will help you find the appropriate keywords to use with your offer, and their bidding system makes it easy for you to determine which keywords are working and which are not. I am running ads right now on 7Search that cost me only 10 cents per click. I used to pay up to 2 Dollars a click for the same ads on AdWords…That kind of difference in cost can really make an impact on your bottom line!

If you are new to the industry and want to try an affordable PPC option while learning how to use it, I strongly recommend going with!

Wolf Enterprises…An AWESOME Offline Marketing Resource!

wolfentlogo1Any smart Internet marketer knows that success comes from a blend of marketing efforts, both online and offline. This is especially true where the home-based business industry is concerned, and no advertising company supports home-based business marketers with offline marketing options better than Wolf Enterprises.

Wolf Enterprises is run by Randy and Carol Wolf of Merritt Island, Florida. The company specializes in the brokerage of classified and display ads, and in putting together some of the most responsive mailing lists of business opportunity seekers in the industry. It offers affordable advertising packages in all the important business opportunity magazines of wide circulation, including Entrepreneur Magazine and the business section of the USA Today newspaper.

I have had good results using Mr. Wolf’s mailing lists in my direct mail campaigns, and had good results with the display ads he designs for magazines as well. The display ads are usually more expensive than plain classified ads, but generally garner higher visibility and yield better results.

The key to success with this type of advertising is consistency, and Wolf Enterprises offers affordable options that will allow you to run lasting advertising campaigns that will build credibility for you in the minds of your prospects. As you probably know, one of the basic rules of thumb in marketing says that a prospect needs to be exposed to your marketing message an average of seven times before he/she will make the decision to buy from you, and Mr. Wolf’s ad campaigns are designed specifically to that end.

And if you decide to run direct mail campaigns using postcards to market your online business systems like I do, you can’t do better than going with Wolf Enterprises when it comes to quality, responsive, affordable mailing lists of business opportunity seekers. I have had great response rates of up to 3% using Mr. Wolf’s lists, which is way above average for the industry as a whole.

Do yourself and your business a favor and combine your online marketing efforts with the offline services provided by Wolf Enterprises. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results…And tell Mr. Wolf I say hello!  };-)

Advertise to 1,398,100 Prospects for FREE!

leadsleapThe following are the IDEAL conditions for any income opportunity:

It must have passive income potential (you work one-time and get paid forever!), it must have multiple streams of income (so that you can make money in many ways), it must provide excellent training so that you know exactly what to do to build your income, and it must build YOU a network of leads so that you can tap into this network for ALL your other businesses in the future!

I have found such an opportunity, and it is called LeadsLeap!

LeadsLeap is a leads generation system that allows you to advertise and build leads for FREE while giving you an opportunity to make money through several streams of income.

First, you earn commissions from their super-strong one-time offer for new members, which is crazy good and very, VERY hard to reject.

Then, you earn monthly recurring commissions from their PRO advertising membership, which is the upgrade of the free membership offer and provides much more in the way of advertising opportunities and reach. This PRO advertising membership provides tremendous value that can massively increase the PRO members’ earnings. When the PRO members make more money, they will continue to stay as a PRO member. This means you will continue to earn commissions every month!

Lastly, you earn 50% from all other LeadsLeap products FOR LIFE. This means whenever your referrals purchase any products in the future, you will still earn 50% commission.

The best part is that there is nothing extra you need to do besides setting up your account and promoting your affiliate link. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a list, sending an email newsletter or anything of that sort! This is truly a hands-free business opportunity if I ever saw one…Create your FREE account NOW!

Point and Click your Way to Prosperity on the Web!

optimizepress-150x150There are many good business systems on the Internet that attract thousands of prospective webpreneurs every day, but most of these systems fail to provide the tools or the control needed to achieve real success. As a result, most of these well-meaning people get frustrated and quit soon after they began their quest for Internet wealth.

Most online business systems will provide new members with a replicated website that can be used to generate leads and sales, and that’s great. However, in many instances, (if not most), these replicated websites come with built-in autoresponders that cannot be edited, or what’s worse, they don’t come with an autoresponder system at all, and this is a BIG problem!

In order to get around this problem, the new member must create a personal lead generation page and link it to an autoresponder that he/she controls, and that contains the specific sales messages he/she wants to send out. There’s no tool better for that purpose than OptimizePress.

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that allows Internet marketers to create professional lead generation and sales pages that can be integrated to the autoresponder system of their choice. This allows for the creation of a comprehensive marketing funnel that allows the marketer to exercise complete control of the process, from lead capture to final sale.

With OptimizePress, new Internet marketers can create high-quality websites that feature high conversion rates by using a very simple point-and-click interface, without the ridiculously high costs of hiring web designers or code programmers. If you know how to check your email and cut and paste, you can use OptimizePress.

There are many good business systems that I work with that don’t provide me the opportunity to set up complete marketing funnels, either because they lack flexibility or they lack basic tools like autoresponders and such, and the way I get around that limitation is by using OptimizePress. This way I can attract prospects, build subscriber lists, and gain paying customers with any program I want, regardless of any limitations or flaws the program may suffer from.

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that must be set up by itself in its own hosting solution, and the set up is pretty much the same you would find with any WordPress installation, quite easy and self-explanatory.

One of the best features of the theme is that there are no monthly fees, (other than your monthly hosting fee of $4 to $8). You only have to make a one-time payment of $97 for the theme and pay for the initial hosting set-up, which will run you about $120. When all is said and done you’ll have spent about $220, but you’ll have a powerful marketing platform that will allow you to function like the big-time marketers for a fraction of the cost.

If you are serious about making money on the Web, you should consider getting this valuable marketing tool. Check it out HERE!

Looking for an effective way to bring thousands of visitors to your website?

Whether you are a total newbie to internet marketing or a seasoned veteran, I think it might be safe to say that by now you have probably figured out that there is one element that is at fundamental to ALL successful websites: TRAFFIC!

When I started this website I knew that I was going to have to find ways to secure reliable sources of traffic in order to get it on the cyber-map, and I didn’t want to waste time and effort on fly-by-night schemes. Luckily my search took me to does all the traffic-generating work for me, and GUARANTEES that I get the amount of traffic that I want. Depending upon my needs and budget, I can choose any amount of highly targeted visitors to be directed to my site easily and effectively, with less effort (and cost) than many of the other options I have seen out there.

One thing I really like about is that it is a “spam-free zone.” I can be SURE that the visitors they send will want what I have to offer — (they’ve already expressed an interest in finding out more about internet business and marketing, which is what this site is all about!).

A feature of my membership that I also appreciate very much is that it gives me access to several useful business resources that include:

– FREE e-books and deep discounts on exclusive and premium titles.
– Internet and Direct Marketing videos and cassettes at members-only rates.
– Articles and other information on every aspect of Internet business. is a great marketing option that has done wonders for my business efforts and for this website. If you are serious about Internet marketing and entrepreneurship you need to do yourself a favor and add this useful service to your online marketing toolbox!