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Raise The Money You Need To Make Money!

raise-money-doulas-150x150I am sure you have heard the saying “it takes money to make money” before, and that’s a good thing because it is absolutely true!

Some of the things that I hear most frequently from people who are trying to get started making money online is “Can I get started with no money?“, or “I never thought I would have to spend money on this!

Folks, starting a business online is just like starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business… You have to make an initial investment of at least some money, along with a lot of work, perseverance, and patience. And unfortunately, starting any business brings with it the risk that you might lose your entire investment due to factors that are beyond your control! Entrepreneurship can be cold-hearted that way sometimes.

However, the bright side to starting a business online and making it grow into a successful and profitable enterprise is that it generally requires a much, MUCH smaller investment in terms of money… You’ll still have to work hard, make intelligent choices and decisions, and you’ll still need patience, but you can get started with as little as a couple thousand dollars, (which is unheard-of in the brick-and-mortar business world).

It is exponentially easier to raise a couple thousand dollars than it is to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars, which is the bare minimum you’d have to come up with in order to establish yourself in a traditional brick-and-mortar business, (that could easily fail and cause you to lose everything).

Not only does it take much less money to start an online business, but you can run that online business without having to worry about the usual ongoing expenses that a traditional business owner must worry about, like rent, utilities, employee payroll, etc.

You can start an online business from your kitchen table with a laptop computer, with virtually no overhead to speak of, multiplying your chances of achieving success in a way that you just would not be able to find while opening a traditional business.

All you have to do is find a way to raise the initial seed money, and you will do it if being your own boss and walking away from an unsatisfying, soul-killing J-O-B is REALLY something you want and need to do.

Do you have credit cards? Instead of using them to pay for things you don’t really need and could do without, use them for seed money to start your business.

Have a checking or savings account? Ask your bank to give you a small loan using your bank account as collateral… I’ve been able to borrow up to $5,000 in the past doing this, with the added benefit that I was able to build a decent credit history when I paid the loan off.

Do you own a car that is less than 10 years old? You can get a loan using your title as collateral.

Or you could do as I did in 2007 and take a part time job on top of your regular, full-time job, in order to raise the money you need to start your business… I saved the money I made from my part-time job and used my full-time job income to pay my bills. At the end of the year I had about $6,500 saved up, and I used that money for business purposes.

There really are many avenues you can turn to in order to raise the money you need to get started, and if you are truly motivated I have no doubt that you will… Let me know when you do and I will show you the next step towards financial independence!

There’s No Such Thing as FREE Traffic!

not-free-150x150The quick rise of Internet Marketing and the ease with which it can help aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs create successful businesses are well-known by most people today, and represent a wonderful opportunity.

However, this vertiginous rise has also created a lot of misconceptions and unrealistic expectations that end up hurting a lot of people who attempt to join this industry.

The more I talk to people who are interested in this industry, the more I realize that the fallacy of “free traffic” is one of the main misconceptions that abound out there in relation to online marketing, and I will explain why…

A lot of people thinking about becoming online marketers believe that free techniques like blogging, article marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) will be enough to put their online business on the map and make it successful, without any kind of financial expenditure. This is part of the “something-for-nothing” mindset that the idea of online marketing seems to inspire in many prospective online entrepreneurs today.

While those free techniques do work if properly and consistently implemented, people don’t realize that they usually take a considerable amount of time to render significant results, (the kind of results that would allow a person to replace their income and quit their J-O-B’s). People may not spend money on these techniques, but they are paying in other ways that in my humble opinion are more detrimental than just spending money.

Time is a precious asset that is in many ways more valuable than money. By choosing to invest time rather than money in their online business, people make the uninformed decision to give up their ability to control the rate at which their business grows, and the potential volume that it can reach.

Free marketing techniques do not offer marketers the chance to control what happens to their business, but they do take a lot of time and effort to be crafted and implemented. You can’t control the way in which your article will circulate or how and why it will get linked once it is out in cyberspace, (in other words, you have no way of controlling or even influencing the amount of visitors you will get from that effort).

By the same token, your blog could well sit forever in your hosting account and attract the occasional visitor now and then, (unless you have thousands of uniquely crafted articles that have been published for years, and graced by the magnanimous mercy of Google and Yahoo, which is becoming ever more scarce and rare).

Even if you do start getting decent traffic at some point doing this, (which is unlikely), your investment in time and effort will have been VERY considerable.

In short, if you insist on using free traffic methods all you are doing is working a lot and investing a whole lot of precious time, just so you can end up waiting years for the traffic to show up on its own, (and to be honest with you, it almost never does).

The little traffic that you may manage to get in this situation is not really free, is it? You might have saved money, but your opportunity cost in time and sweat equity will horribly trump the marginal monetary gains you may achieve after having to wait forever for them.

In contrast to free traffic techniques, paid traffic offers online marketers the opportunity to exercise almost complete control over what happens in their business. It also offers the marketer the opportunity to scale up once a winning formula for high return on investment has been found…Free traffic techniques offer no such thing.

Money loves speed, and by using paid traffic even at a very small scale you can find out quickly if your efforts are going in the right direction of if they aren’t. Paid traffic methods provide the speed that money needs in order to decide which way it is going to go!

Like my grandmother used to say, you get what you pay for, and the things you get for free very often end up not being very useful. That principle applies to online marketing perfectly where traffic generation methods are concerned.

Do you want to work hard for years only so you can achieve marginal results very slowly, or do you want to boost your online business and create almost instantaneous cash flow and profits?

A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link!

broken-link4-150x150A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…This is something I learned while serving in the United States Army. A team is only as strong as its weakest member. This is a truism where military operations are concerned, and it is a truism of life as well.

Any organization or team that doesn’t acknowledge this is destined for failure, because weakness in the structure undermines every part of it.

If you’re going to seek financial independence in the Internet marketing arena, you need to do so as a member of a team that will see to it that you have the knowledge and the tools needed for success. You need to be part of a team that will motivate you and remind you of why you chose to this in the first place when your drive starts lacking, and it will. It happens to all of us, and we all need that gentle push every now and again.

Join my team and you will learn how to make money using the Internet from home…You will have access to the same automated tools I use, which allow me to make money without selling and without convincing anyone to do anything. As a member of my team you will have access to the training and techniques that will allow you to finally put the rat race behind and stop trading time for money!

There is nothing like being able to control your time the way you see fit, without having to answer to a boss who does not have your best interests at heart…Join me and fire your boss!

A Word About Mindset

5011438663_4b18a760ac_qThe world of Internet Marketing requires newcomers to learn and adopt a very special mindset that is somewhat contrary to the mindset that most outsiders have. This special mindset has to do with two main things: Accepting the fact that wealth creation invariably requires investment, and accepting the fact that loss is a very real part of the equation.

Wealth creation requires an investment in time, effort, and money. Thousands of well-meaning people come into this industry every day looking for a free, effortless, and instantaneous way to make money and create wealth, and that just does not exist. It doesn’t exist in the Internet Marketing arena, and it certainly doesn’t exist in the brick-and-mortar business world either.

Part of the reason for this is that people know that the Internet opens the door to a world of possibility, but the medium is so advanced and so revolutionary that it leads folks to believe that this possibility tends to presents itself automatically and as if by magic. It is an illusion that ends up disappointing a vast amount of people every day, and then those people become convinced that Internet Marketing is a scam, only because it didn’t work for them without any effort or investment.

The truth is that, as the old saying goes, it takes money and effort to make money. And that effort is always accompanied by the very real possibility of loss. That was true 100 hundred years ago when business giants like Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller risked losing enormous amounts of money to create the industries that propelled America into massive wealth and power, and it remains true today, in the Age of Information. The means of wealth creation may have changed, but the fundamentals are still there, and aspiring entrepreneurs ignore them at their peril.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and nobody rides for free. There are a lot of very, VERY successful and prosperous Internet marketers who have really become millionaires by doing business online. All of them started from the ground up and risked losing money at every turn, until they acquired enough knowledge and experience to avoid the pitfalls and hit the sweet spots consistently. The learning curve is indeed steep and somewhat long in Internet Marketing, but it is not insurmountable by any means.

In order to achieve any kind of success online, you will have to adopt the mindset of prosperity as well. The sooner you accept the fact that negotiating the learning curve will cost you effort, time, and money, the more likely you will be to overcome the inertia and paralysis that usually come with inexperience and lack of knowledge.

You have to spend money to make money, and sometimes you will lose money acquiring the knowledge needed to achieve success. That comes with the territory and is part of the process.

Don’t allow unrealistic beliefs to ruin your chances, because the truth is that the people that have achieved untold success online are no better than you or me. They just adopted the prosperity mindset and liberated themselves from the mundane and defeatist attitudes that keep most people down!

Stay away from “Lame Marketing”!!

CartmanLAME-150x150Most prospective online entrepreneurs are faced with the following scenario when they decide to dive into Web Marketing,  (and this happens with all kinds of marketing, to be honest): The first thing they are told to do is write a list of their “circle of influence”.

This so-called “circle of influence” is really a list of all the people the new marketer knows. When this list is completed, the new marketer is told to present his/her offer to all these people at the earliest possible opportunity and repeatedly, regardless of whether these people are interested or not. I call this “Lame Marketing 101”.

This is a big part of the “training” that a vast majority of newbies in the marketing industry get, (if it can be qualified as such). When I entered the automotive sales industry, for example, the first thing I was told to do was to go and hound my friends and family relentlessly with new car pamphlets and ads about the latest sale at the dealership. Needless to say, a lot of friends and relatives still cringe when they see me coming their way today, and I can’t say I blame them.

At some point along the path I realized that this is EXACTLY the wrong way to go about marketing anything. Then I came to the Internet marketing industry, and I learned a whole new way of marketing that consists SIMPLY on finding your target audience, (the people interested in your product or service), and presenting them with your offer. Sounds very basic, but you’d be surprised at how difficult it is to get people to understand this very simple proposition sometimes.

I don’t do “Lame Marketing” now, haven’t done it in years, and will never advise anyone to do it, because it is counter-productive, time-wasting, irritating, stressful, and frankly, JUST PLAIN STUPID. Do you want to alienate a prospective customer in a hurry? Start trying to sell him or her on something that they haven’t expressed the slightest bit of interest in!

Today’s web technology enables us to find the people who are interested in what we have to offer through a variety of means, such as Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization to name a couple. This is the beauty of the Internet!

However, smart marketing can be practiced offline as well through the use of print ads published in the right publications and postcards sent to a reputable, appropriately targeted mailing list. The Internet has simplified marketing and made it more sophisticated at the same time, but it is by no means the only way to go.

So stay away from “Lame Marketing” if you want to be successful as a marketer on and off the Web. Stick with me and I’ll be happy to show you the do’s and don’ts, and share with you the knowledge that I have acquired from experience!

The New Economy and the Home-Based Business Industry

New-Economy-300x257We are almost halfway through 2013, and a new and different economic reality is settling upon us. The era when you could graduate from school with a guarantee of finding long-term, meaningful employment seems to be coming to an end rather painfully.

In its place, we are being enveloped by an economy that is based on more Darwinian terms, where extreme turn-over and near-impossible hiring standards are the order of the day. More and more companies are refusing to hire people who have been unemployed for more than six months, or people whose credit histories have been negatively impacted by the recent economic downturn, and those people number in the millions. Consequently, basing your economic future on the prospect of getting a J-O-B seems to be no longer advisable or even feasible.

This new economic environment may seem negative and depressing, but it really isn’t, because it is setting up more and more possibilities for those of us who have chosen to be self-employed. The combination of the recent shifts in the economic landscape and the new possibilities offered by technology makes the home-based business industry a new niche, from which millions will gather the strength and resources that will enable them to get back on their feet.

This is the right moment in time to start the process of ditching your J-O-B and firing your boss, before they are compelled by the new economic reality to do the same thing to you. This is a perfect time to start scouting for the right business opportunity and for the marketing resources that will allow you to break the chains of economic mediocrity once and for all.

This website is replete with such opportunities and resources. I use them to make a living from home, and they have empowered me to be in full control of my time and my destiny. You can do the exact same thing if you are willing to invest some effort consistently, and to absorb new information and learn a new way of doing things.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take control of your economic future, and I will be glad to help you every step of the way if and when you decide to commit to improving your situation and invest time and effort on a consistent manner. All you have to do is review this website and contact me with any questions you may have…Then we will start the process that will take you to the next level!

Marketing Is a Numbers Game!

You’ve probably heard this before, and it could not be more true. Success in marketing does indeed depend on the number of prospects you can reach with your marketing message.

The commonly referred-to rule of thumb in the marketing industry says that for every 100 prospects that see your marketing message, only 2 will buy your product or join your program. This is especially true in the realm of online marketing.

This is why your main task as a home-business operator using the Internet as your main platform has to be marketing intelligently online. The advantage of online marketing is that it can be achieved virtually without the advertising expenses that a regular brick-and-mortar business is confronted with.

Many people get excited about this industry and decide to jump into it, but become very disillusioned and dejected when their first marketing effort doesn’t render gigantic results, and that is just the tendency we all have to underestimate the difficulty of life.

Success never comes without effort and perseverance, and this industry is based on those two concepts to a very, VERY large extent. You have to make every effort to learn the right ways to go about marketing your product or program online, and once you’ve learned them, you need to put that knowledge into practice and persevere until you achieve success.

One of my favorite quotes about success comes from Sir Winston Churchill, who said: “Success is nothing but the ability to go from one failure to the next without losing enthusiasm”. He didn’t know it then, but he was describing exactly what it is like to operate within the online marketing industry!

This is a mindset that you must adopt and master as a home-business operator. If you do, it will allow you to succeed and achieve your goals not only in this industry, but in life!

You Are What You Say You Are


You are what you say you are, and your idea of what you are is determined by the bounds of your intent and determination to truly become that which you want to be.

Do you want to become an entrepreneur enough to say to others that that’s what you are? Or are you just another tire-kicker with big daydreams and no true gumption to go for what you really want?

I’d say that a very high percentage of the people who stumble unto the home-based industry are tire-kickers. I say that because a vast majority of those who consider the idea of becoming home-based entrepreneurs don’t realize that becoming self-employed is a hard endeavor that requires time, preparation, study, effort, and at least a little bit of money to get started.

Many come into this believing that they can start raking in the dough from one day to the next, just by joining a promising web business venture or network marketing company, putting up a nice website, and telling all their friends and family about it. NOTHING could be further from the truth, and sadly, a lot of people find this out the hard way.

They allow their discouragement to get the best of them, and end up giving up their dream, just so they can go back to a dead end J-O-B that continually threatens to cease to exist. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? If it has don’t feel bad, because it has certainly happened to me, and more than once.

We are what we say we are! I have learned enough about being self-employed in the home-business industry to know that the last thing I would ever want to go around saying to people is that I am stuck in a low-paying, dead end J-O-B that sucks the joy and motivation out of my daily existence.

How would you like to be able to say to people that you are someone who successfully supports him/herself running a successful business from home? The knowledge and the tools needed to achieve such a station in this life do exist. They are VERY REAL and they are at your disposal, but you have to want to improve your life and that of your loved ones enough to invest the time and effort needed to unlock these tools and put them to work for you. It’s all in the choice you make about what your life is going to be like.

So, what’s your choice? Are you truly willing to become who you say you want to be?

The Advantage of Economic Upheaval

home-based business in AmericaSo, we’re in the middle of this hotly contested general election, and the candidates are using the fragile state of our economy to beat each other upside the head.

The latest economic numbers were released this past Friday, and while we’re not doing horrible, we’re not doing as well as we should be doing on the jobs front.

It was reported that part of the reason why there was a slight decrease in the rate of unemployment is that some people have actually given up in the search for a job, and stopped looking altogether. A sad state of affairs indeed!

However, this situation proves why this is precisely the right moment to consider starting a home-based business! The fourth quarter of the year is traditionally a very, very good time for the home-based business industry, maybe the best out of the entire year.

If you are one of those folks who have been downsized out of a J-O-B, or a victim of outsourcing, or your employer went out of business, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do a reset, and start focusing your efforts into taking advantage of this moment to start building something for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants to make us realize that there’s a better path!

To me there is nothing more depressing than having someone else controlling my time and my income, and being stuck in a routine that enriches others but leaves me depleted of enthusiasm and motivation. That is exactly what a J-O-B is, and if this economic upheaval has forced you out of that sad situation, you ought to be glad!

I can show you the options, programs, techniques, and knowledge that can take you from being disgruntled and unemployed to being happy and secure in the knowledge that your efforts are going into building a better situation for your family, and not your old boss’s family.

Stick with me in this blog, so I can share the knowledge of the home-based business industry I’ve been accumulating since 1993. It’s been almost 20 years, and throughout that time I have learned that I can rely entirely on myself and my efforts for economic independence, and you can learn how to do that too!

Do you invest your time wisely, or do you waste it foolishly?

Time is the most precious commodity we have. It is the greatest equalizer. If you don’t admit this and start treating time with the respect it deserves, you will lose, and you will only have yourself to blame. Whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or sick, male or female, tall or short, ugly or good-looking, you only have 24 hours per day either way, and the fact is that you should always try to use them wisely.

We usually waste our time and energy mostly worrying and thinking about abstract things like how nice it would be to make more money or live a better life. And when we do this, we usually forget about the most important thing – employing the time that life has given us wisely. A wise man will always tell you: “You can always make more money, but you can never buy more time”.

How many times are you truly aware of the ways you spend your time? How do you choose to invest your time? The word “investment” is accurately used here, because the way we choose to spend our time is a true investment in ourselves and in our own lives. The sad reality is that you will never find the true value of time if you base it on the way most people around you act and talk.

People usually spend hours and hours in front of the TV, or they waste a lot of time surfing the Web with no productive purpose whatsoever. Some of us even try to steal more time at the expense of much needed hours of sleep. Sometimes people decide to go to sleep later and wake up earlier in the morning, so they’ll have “more time” to do things. Then they try to fix the situation by smoking a bunch of cigarettes and drinking a pint of coffee so they can stay awake. I don’t know about you, but to me that definitely doesn’t seem the right way to go about managing one’s time effectively.

There is a proper time for everything. The truth of the matter is that you will never start experiencing success or prosperity until you have disciplined and organized yourself enough to follow a daily regime that allows for enough time to get quality rest, and enough time to do quality work. Without that ability to exercise self-discipline and enact some self-organization, success and prosperity will keep eluding you regardless of whatever else you do.

Everyone is always saying things like: “I’m just counting the hours to go home” or “I wish it were Friday” on a Monday, and so on. These are just signs that those people are chronic time-wasters. Are you one of them? If you are, shake it off and snap out of it!

Organize your time efficiently, and make the conscious choice to engage primarily in activities that bring some immediate or long-term benefit to your business and your life. If the choice in front of you is to watch the latest Adam Sandler movie or spend a couple of hours optimizing your marketing blog, which one do you think you should take?

Whenever you catch yourself wasting time aimlessly, think about the Roman saying: ”Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day! It has great meaning for our everyday life! Or better said, (in a way that better fits our modern day lifestyles), “Organize your day”! Make it a point to analyze the way in which you choose to either invest or waste your time. And never forget that you can’t possibly know what tomorrow is going to put in front of you, so “Carpe Diem!”

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