Online-Income-150x150If you are REALLY interested in making money from home on a steady, consistent basis using the Internet, there is something you need to know…


The Money is in The List! (Or, more accurately stated, the money is in the quality of the list…But more about that later).

This is true whether you are in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, etc…It applies to all people trying to build a decent, steady, consistent income using the Internet.

All the people making real incomes online have lists of subscribers, and in most cases these lists contain tens of thousands of people…

The gentleman that introduced me to online marketing a few years ago has a list of more than 40,000 people, and that list earns him an average monthly income of almost $30,000! He has gotten to the point where he only works a couple of hours per day, because he has cultivated his list members so well that they respond to his offers and suggestions without a doubt.

This concept of building a list took me quite some time to fully understand and assimilate, but as soon as I did I realized that it is the only effective route to creating a consistent, reliable, stable income with online marketing. There are a few tools that are needed in order to create a list, and I have alluded to them previously in this blog, like autoresponders, squeeze pages, and hosting accounts.

In upcoming posts I will discuss these tools in more detail, along with mistakes in the process of list-building that you must avoid if you want to achieve success. The rule of thumb regarding list-building income says that you should earn a monthly average of $1 for every subscriber to your list…This is doable and very likely if you avoid making the same mistakes that 99% of online marketers make.

Once you have a list of subscribers that like you, trust you, and respect you, you will be able to make money pretty much on command, by presenting them with products and services in their area of interest that you endorse. These items could and really should include your primary business opportunity, affiliate products, your own products, coaching, etc.

If you get this list-building idea and execute it the right way, you will start making decent money online in a relatively short amount of time…Stay tuned!

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