list-building-350x332-150x150OK! The main tools you will need to start building your list are as follows:

* As we discussed in my last blog post, you will need a couple of landing pages, (or squeeze pages, as they are also known). If you recall, the purpose of a squeeze page is to provide just enough information to make your prospect curious, along with a free giveaway in exchange for his/her email address, (the free giveaway is usually information in the form of a video or a PDF report).

A squeeze page usually looks like THIS! The main resource I used to build that particular squeeze page is inexpensive and works beautifully… You can find it HERE!

* Your own autoresponder account. An autoresponder is an email management system that lets you send email to hundreds or even thousands of contacts in a specific sequence, at a frequency that you choose. Think of the autoresponder as your very own sales agent, that is online and working for you 24/7/365! It is vital for anyone thinking of doing business online.

The autoresponder I use is Aweber, and you can find it HERE!

* A hosting account for your squeeze pages! My hosting provider of choice is HostGator, because they have excellent customer service and are very reliable. You should go with the baby program in the beginning, and upgrade as you go if you need to.

You can find them HERE!

*  Lastly, you will need to purchase a domain name for your hosting account and your main squeeze page. I always recommend getting domain names from GoDaddy, because they provide great customer service and low prices.

For more info on how to use domain names, you can refer to this blog post that I wrote some time ago:

These are the main elements you will need in order to start building your list of subscribers…

In coming posts I will go into the way in which these tools work together in order to enable you to build your list, and I will also explain the most common mistakes that new online marketers make in regards to this vital activity, so you can avoid them!

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