oops3-150x150This mistake is made by most of the people who enter the online marketing industry…FAILURE TO SPLIT TEST AND TRACK RESULTS.

Split testing is basically testing the same offer using two or three different squeeze pages to see which one delivers the best results. It also involves using different copy, different layouts, and different color schemes to advertise the same offer.

The purpose of split testing is to refine and adjust your efforts in order to produce the formula that yields the highest ROI, or return on investment.

As a general rule, the average online marketer shoots for a ROI of 150% or better, (recovering the initial investment plus 50% more in profits).

Once you find that formula, you can scale by reinvesting your profits on buying more advertising, and that will allow you to drive your earnings as far as you want them to go.

You have to split-test, and you also have to TRACK every little thing you do as far as advertising goes, in order to sort the advertising methods that work well for you from the ones that don’t.

There are several software solutions for tracking, and one that has worked well for me over time is AdTrackzGold, which makes it easy to track each advertising campaign you launch down to the last click. Other effective and user-friendly tracking solutions are ClickMagick and HyperTracker.

Failure to split test and track ad campaigns are a part of the reason why 98% of the people that enter the online marketing industry end up failing…Don’t be one of them!

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