Life-Insurance-Mistakes-150x150About the worst thing that online marketers can do is drown their list subscribers with cheap offers that are irrelevant and useless to them!

I see it time and time again, because I make it a point to opt into different lists to see how the list owner is approaching the subscribers…

You can’t expect to have a list of loyal subscribers if you send them four or five sales emails per day, every single day!

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as spamming your own list, (even if every subscriber has opted in voluntarily), and it is one of the fastest paths to failure in this industry.

You have to treat your list subscribers with respect and consideration, and as I pointed out earlier, you need to provide them with all the training and support you possibly

Many of them either are now, or will eventually become, members of your team, and your success depends on theirs.

Send them two items involving meaningful training and support for every email offer you make to them, and when you do send them offers, make sure the offers are relevant
to the topic of the list!

I would not send you the same offers that I send to the subscribers to my Weight Loss list, and I would not send them the offers that I send you… See what I mean?

Treat your subscribers with the consideration you would like to have shown to yourself, and chances are you will be handsomely rewarded for it!

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