Life-Insurance-Mistakes-150x150This one’s a killer, and it can hamper your ability to build your list and your business in a bad way from the get-go…

Most online marketing systems nowadays give their affiliates a generic link or squeeze page to use in their marketing…That squeeze page may be tested and attractive, but the problem is that 99% of the other 40,000 affiliates promoting your online marketing system are using it as well.

There is a phenomenon called “banner blindness” that consists in people automatically ignoring a banner that shows up every two seconds everywhere they turn when they are surfing the Web, and the same thing happens with squeeze pages.

Your prospect will encounter the generic squeeze page for your online marketing company ten thousand times as he/she searches around the Web for a good income opportunity, and will shut it out and start ignoring it after a short while.

You need to design your own unique squeeze page featuring your own unique pitch, in order to attract your prospect’s attention and stand out above the the rest of the 40,000 other affiliates promoting your same system.

In past posts I talked about the definition of a Unique Selling Proposition, (or USP), and why it is so important for you to figure out your offer’s USP…

What is your online marketing system’s Unique Selling Proposition? Figure it out, and then tease your prospects with a hint of it on your own unique squeeze page to spark their curiosity and compel them to give you their email address!

You can CLICK HERE for an affordable and super-effective tool that will help you create your own outstanding and lead-producing squeeze pages in no time and with minimal effort.

In my next post I’ll give you Critical List-Building Mistake #2, which deals with the way in which your autoresponder works with your squeeze page…

Stay tuned!

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