Great-Idea-150x150So, what do most newbies do to promote their brand new online businesses?…

99% of the time they start looking for free marketing methods they can use without shelling out a dime!…¬†And 99% of the time these methods either don’t work at all, or they do work but take forever and a whole lot of persistent effort to generate any meaningful results, (and this infuriates the newbie, who for some reason thought that the big money would start rolling in overnight with very minimum effort).

That’s just how it goes, folks.

What happens then? 99% of the time the newbie gets completely discouraged and starts yelling and screaming about their biz opp being a “scam”, (naturally, since it didn’t make them rich overnight, without moving a finger, and as if by magic).

Are you one of those people? Well, you might not want to admit to it, but I will… I was one of those sadly misguided people once upon a time, before I traversed the learning curve and learned the right way to do things online.

The uncomfortable truth is that 99% of us started that way!

Some newbies never find their way to the learning curve…

Some others find it, but refuse to ride it and never learn anything, ending up in failure and frustration…

And some find it, ride it, and when they get to the other side they know how to promote and run their online businesses just like the pros and the gurus do!

Today I want to share an idea with you that could put you in the third group if you implement it intelligently…

You see, the only way to achieve financial success online is by building a list of subscribers, regardless of whatever your biz opp of choice may be… And in order to make it, you have to have a system in place that will allow you to fund your business efforts while simultaneously building your list and promoting your biz opp.

This is pretty much the principle behind the “Funded Proposal” concept, with a List-Building twist added to it.

There are two programs you can use that will provide that funded proposal platform for you, while allowing you to grow your list of subscribers virally, fund your marketing efforts as you go, and promote your biz opp… ALL AT ONCE.

These two systems are List Spark and List Legacy

I strongly recommend you click on the links above and learn the details for each program… You will find that they both offer free versions and paid premium versions.

If you have a somewhat decent marketing budget, you could choose to use the free versions only so you can build your list…

… But if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on promotion, then you might want to go with the paid versions, as those are the part of the system that will provide you with the Funded Proposal element that is so necessary in online marketing.

Remember, List Spark and List Legacy... Check them out, use them, and enjoy your marketing!

You can thank me later… };-)

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