n-GOOGLE-HUMMINGBIRD-large570-150x150Turns out that about two months ago Google went and changed its algorithm once again, but apparently this time it did it in a much larger scale than ever before.

This latest change is being called “Hummingbird”, because, (according to Google), it made the search engine “precise and fast”. From what I’ve been able to gather so far, “Hummingbird” effectively destroyed the rankings that many business websites had been able to achieve, and also destroyed their ability to attract organic traffic, (the free traffic coming to them from Google searches). This is similar to what happened when Google introduced its “Panda” and “Penguin” changes, and it is regrettable.

In my opinion, Google’s behavior is great for the casual user that goes on the search engine to look for flower vendors or auto-parts stores close to home, but it is disastrous for Internet entrepreneurs and marketers who insist on making Google their primary platform for business and profit generation. This unfortunate trend was set in motion when Google started its selective crack-down on advertisers, and with actions like the elimination of the Google Keyword Tool. It is the reason why I have been wary of putting any reliance on Google as far as marketing decisions are concerned.

Google argues that these changes are geared towards making the platform more open and conducive to community and social networking. They say that keyword optimization is pretty much out, and that a new question-answer approach to SEO is in, (in order to satisfy the end user’s need). In fact, this means that the entire SEO approach a vast majority of webpreneurs have used until very recently has become harmful, since paid back-linking and social bookmarking are now frowned upon very badly.

So, if for some reason you insist on relying solely on Google for your online marketing efforts after this last “update”, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Concentrate on using original content, (which may be fine for some, but will not work for all due to the different types of offers out there).
  2. Make sure you have a Google+ profile, and make sure you grow it consistently.
  3. Make sure you establish an ever-increasing presence in social media that is backed up by a lot of quality content that is informational, on-topic, and timely…(If you’re not good at this you will have to hire a ghost-writer, provided you have the budget for that).

Google is by no means the only source of quality traffic on the web, and there is no reason why anyone should be at the expense of their whimsical updates and changes. There is no valid reason why marketers should be bending over backwards trying to kiss Google’s ass if they risk losing everything anyway in one swoop, due to a random update Google decides to pull out of its rear end.

Yes, Google has been the big boy on the block where traffic is concerned up to now, but if this trend keeps up that will change sooner rather than later. I believe that with all these updates they are shooting themselves in the foot, because they are putting more and more constraints on the Internet marketers and advertisers that support them…You can choke the Goose only so much before it stops laying its golden eggs!

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