If you’ve ever heard of Network Marketing, you probably already have a notion of it being essentially a people’s business. Some have also labeled it a people’s franchise, because of the similarities between the business models of network marketing and franchising.

Advocates of the industry name it as the ultimate people’s business and say there is nothing quite like it. People that are in network marketing will immediately respond positively to this.

As a former military person, I feel attracted to Network Marketing because in order to be successful in it I find it necessary to apply many of the leadership principles that I learned in the Army.

Network Marketing is an endeavor that revolves entirely around the ability to train and mentor successful people. It provides an opportunity to achieve success by following a few simple practices, regardless of what a prospective network marketer’s station in life may be.

One of the unique characteristics of the network marketing business model is that every individual distributor is in business for themselves but never by themselves. They will always be part of a larger organization, and most compensation models are usually designed in such a way that every person can count on some form of support from their upline or sponsor.

It is no secret that fortunes can be made in this type of business, and many have done just that. Of course, this is not the majority of network marketers, but every individual distributor does have the same chances.

Success or failure in network marketing are not dictated by politics, race, age, background or gender, but always by results. In that respect it is probably also the fairest business model in the world.

For many people, however, the true value of their home-based business is not directly in the financial return. The lessons a person can learn while building his or her own network marketing business are truly priceless.

Many people are totally transformed through the personal growth they experience as a direct result of their challenges in their MLM businesses. It forced them to get out of their comfort zones, grow, and in many cases become a better person.

So what is so unique about Network Marketing in this respect? Doesn’t every entrepreneur have to deal with challenges? The answer of course is: Yes, they do. And they also experience personal growth as a result from this.

However, the industry has advanced tremendously with the advent of the Internet and the opportunities it brings. Most modern network marketers are self made, and many of them have learned their trade not through formal education, but through the use and study of web-based marketing/instructional systems such asĀ the Empower Network Blogging System and SiteBuildIt.

One of the great things about network marketing is that this type of education is built into the training systems of every good company out there, so much so that there is no business on the face of the Earth that places such a strong and direct emphasis on the importance of personal development as the Network Marketing industry.

Network Marketing is all about building people. It is probably the best school on the planet if you want to learn about what it takes to be successful in life, and you don’t need rich parents or an Ivy League education to enroll!

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