List-Building Mistakes: Failing To Create Your Own Brand

Investment-Mistakes-150x1501There is a very wise saying about the Biz Opp/Affiliate industry that remains as true today as it was the first time I heard it years ago…PEOPLE DON’T JOIN COMPANIES, THEY JOIN PEOPLE.

That means that in order to become successful in the Biz Opp/Affiliate Marketing industry you have to focus your efforts on becoming a trust-worthy, competent and caring team-player and team-builder, who helps others succeed…You have to BRAND YOURSELF as such.

The mistake that online marketers make in this regard is that often they are unaware of the fact that their success online lies in their ability to build a list of subscribers that know, like, and trust them.

The best way to brand yourself is by building a list that is focused primarily on providing support and training to your prospects! There is no better way to gain a person’s trust and respect than by sharing with them the information that will help them become successful.

If you do this, your prospects will come to know, like, and trust you, because they will realize that you are not just out to make a fast buck and then disappear.

Have you ever opted into someone’s list just to be bombarded relentlessly with all kinds of offers for cheap gimmicks and useless crap? I have, and quickly realized that those are the people that give the online marketing industry as a whole a bad name.

There are excellent tools out there that can help you brand yourself while promoting your biz opp or affiliate opportunity, and I will share them with you as this conversation progresses.

For now, you may want to consider setting up a blog!

A blog like this one is a perfect platform to brand yourself, to establish a presence as a serious online marketer, and to promote the opportunities and systems that you may be involved with.

For some free video training on how to set up a blog of your own, click HERE and then click on “Start Here” on the upper left side of the page…

Talk to you later!

List-Building Mistakes: Using The Generic Squeeze Page/Autoresponder Your Company Gives You

9083765513_117ab533e2-150x150Some online marketing companies offer the possibility of using their own generic autoresponder in conjunction
with their generic squeeze page…

While this may seem convenient, relying on this kind of arrangement is a bad mistake for those who want to become serious online marketers.

The main reason why this is a mistake is this: YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR OWN LIST!

Let’s say you decide to follow my advice and design your own unique squeeze page to promote your online marketing company opportunity…You set everything up and start driving traffic to your squeeze page.

Leads start coming in, but you don’t have your own autoresponder, so the default generic company autoresponder captures them and starts following up with them…

Problem is, the leads you drove into that system become the company’s leads, and you can’t build a relationship of trust with them because you can’t control the messages that the generic autoresponder sends out to them…

For all you know, they are probably being bombarded every day with annoying high-pressure sales pitches!

The average business opportunity/affiliate offer survives only 6 months, so if the company you are promoting goes belly-up,  there go all the leads you got for them (since you were using the company’s autoresponder instead of having your own).

You NEED to have YOUR OWN squeeze page that you can connect to YOUR OWN personal autoresponder. You also need to have 100% control over your autoresponder so that you can build YOUR OWN LIST and create a positive relationship of trust with your list subscribers.

Remember I told you about my mentor that has a list of 40,000 subscribers that earns him $30,000 per month on average?


Having your own autoresponder does not require a big money investment…You can have yours with all the bells and whistles for  about $20 a month…

My autoresponder system of choice is here and I recommend it highly…

In my next email we will go into Critical List Building Mistake #3, which has to do with Branding…

List-Building Mistakes: Using Generic Squeeze Pages!

Life-Insurance-Mistakes-150x150This one’s a killer, and it can hamper your ability to build your list and your business in a bad way from the get-go…

Most online marketing systems nowadays give their affiliates a generic link or squeeze page to use in their marketing…That squeeze page may be tested and attractive, but the problem is that 99% of the other 40,000 affiliates promoting your online marketing system are using it as well.

There is a phenomenon called “banner blindness” that consists in people automatically ignoring a banner that shows up every two seconds everywhere they turn when they are surfing the Web, and the same thing happens with squeeze pages.

Your prospect will encounter the generic squeeze page for your online marketing company ten thousand times as he/she searches around the Web for a good income opportunity, and will shut it out and start ignoring it after a short while.

You need to design your own unique squeeze page featuring your own unique pitch, in order to attract your prospect’s attention and stand out above the the rest of the 40,000 other affiliates promoting your same system.

In past posts I talked about the definition of a Unique Selling Proposition, (or USP), and why it is so important for you to figure out your offer’s USP…

What is your online marketing system’s Unique Selling Proposition? Figure it out, and then tease your prospects with a hint of it on your own unique squeeze page to spark their curiosity and compel them to give you their email address!

You can CLICK HERE for an affordable and super-effective tool that will help you create your own outstanding and lead-producing squeeze pages in no time and with minimal effort.

In my next post I’ll give you Critical List-Building Mistake #2, which deals with the way in which your autoresponder works with your squeeze page…

Stay tuned!

List Building 101: Your Main List Building Tools!

list-building-350x332-150x150OK! The main tools you will need to start building your list are as follows:

* As we discussed in my last blog post, you will need a couple of landing pages, (or squeeze pages, as they are also known). If you recall, the purpose of a squeeze page is to provide just enough information to make your prospect curious, along with a free giveaway in exchange for his/her email address, (the free giveaway is usually information in the form of a video or a PDF report).

A squeeze page usually looks like THIS! The main resource I used to build that particular squeeze page is inexpensive and works beautifully… You can find it HERE!

* Your own autoresponder account. An autoresponder is an email management system that lets you send email to hundreds or even thousands of contacts in a specific sequence, at a frequency that you choose. Think of the autoresponder as your very own sales agent, that is online and working for you 24/7/365! It is vital for anyone thinking of doing business online.

The autoresponder I use is Aweber, and you can find it HERE!

* A hosting account for your squeeze pages! My hosting provider of choice is HostGator, because they have excellent customer service and are very reliable. You should go with the baby program in the beginning, and upgrade as you go if you need to.

You can find them HERE!

*  Lastly, you will need to purchase a domain name for your hosting account and your main squeeze page. I always recommend getting domain names from GoDaddy, because they provide great customer service and low prices.

For more info on how to use domain names, you can refer to this blog post that I wrote some time ago:

These are the main elements you will need in order to start building your list of subscribers…

In coming posts I will go into the way in which these tools work together in order to enable you to build your list, and I will also explain the most common mistakes that new online marketers make in regards to this vital activity, so you can avoid them!

The Anatomy of a Squeeze Page

squeeze-page-150x150What elements do you use to build an effective squeeze page? For the answer to that question, we must first establish what the purpose of a squeeze page is…

A squeeze page’s purpose is one and only one: To SQUEEZE your prospect’s email address from him/her, so you can then follow up with them using your sales autoresponder messages.

That is why your squeeze page has to be very short and to the point, containing only a hint of information about your offer, and used in such a way as to stimulate your prospect’s curiosity.

Also, it is customary to give away something for free to the prospect in exchange for his/her email address. The usual thing you will find that people give away is access to an information webinar or a free report, (that’s what I do).

One thing you definitely want to do is craft the copy of your squeeze page featuring the main points of your offer’s USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.

In simple terms, a unique selling proposition is a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to your TARGET market.

Let’s analyze a squeeze page that I utilize often while promoting my primary program…You can find it HERE.

You are someone who is interested in starting an online business that will work for you, right?

If I target you in my promotion of the primary company that I work with, chances are I will cause you to visit my company website and opt into my list by pointing out the company’s USP to you in my squeeze page using just a few carefully selected words.

That’s how this works!

One critical mistake that a lot of new online marketers make is trying to sell their product right from their squeeze page. They cram loads and loads of copy in there and forget what the squeeze page’s fundamental purpose is: To capture your prospect’s email address so you can expose your offer to him/her in different ways over an extended period of time.

A rule of thumb in this industry is that a prospect normally has to see your marketing message seven or eight times in order to trust you and feel motivated to buy from you, and that is your autoresponder’s job.

The only way to get there is by capturing the prospect’s email address, and you can do that only by using an effective, succinct, and well-made squeeze page.

You can find my favorite resource for killer squeeze pages HERE. It is affordable and very user-friendly. It will enable you to get both your business and your list-building ability going the right way from the start!

How To Make Monthly Recurring Income Using The Internet

Online-Income-150x150If you are REALLY interested in making money from home on a steady, consistent basis using the Internet, there is something you need to know…


The Money is in The List! (Or, more accurately stated, the money is in the quality of the list…But more about that later).

This is true whether you are in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, etc…It applies to all people trying to build a decent, steady, consistent income using the Internet.

All the people making real incomes online have lists of subscribers, and in most cases these lists contain tens of thousands of people…

The gentleman that introduced me to online marketing a few years ago has a list of more than 40,000 people, and that list earns him an average monthly income of almost $30,000! He has gotten to the point where he only works a couple of hours per day, because he has cultivated his list members so well that they respond to his offers and suggestions without a doubt.

This concept of building a list took me quite some time to fully understand and assimilate, but as soon as I did I realized that it is the only effective route to creating a consistent, reliable, stable income with online marketing. There are a few tools that are needed in order to create a list, and I have alluded to them previously in this blog, like autoresponders, squeeze pages, and hosting accounts.

In upcoming posts I will discuss these tools in more detail, along with mistakes in the process of list-building that you must avoid if you want to achieve success. The rule of thumb regarding list-building income says that you should earn a monthly average of $1 for every subscriber to your list…This is doable and very likely if you avoid making the same mistakes that 99% of online marketers make.

Once you have a list of subscribers that like you, trust you, and respect you, you will be able to make money pretty much on command, by presenting them with products and services in their area of interest that you endorse. These items could and really should include your primary business opportunity, affiliate products, your own products, coaching, etc.

If you get this list-building idea and execute it the right way, you will start making decent money online in a relatively short amount of time…Stay tuned!

Build Your Business Quickly With Solo Ads!

222391-1feGGj1400496132Some time ago we were discussing the differences between free traffic and paid traffic, and reached the conclusion that paid traffic allows us to exert much more control over the speed at which our business grows.

The most important thing that paid traffic allows us to do is build a list of subscribers or followers fairly quickly, and the truth of the matter is that building a list is the only true path to generating financial independence with an online business…

The quicker you build a responsive list, the faster you will be able to start making money with it! This is email marketing at its best and finest, and the most cost-efficient and effective way to practice it is by using solo ads.

What exactly is a Solo Ad? It works this way: Let’s say that you are an Internet marketer and, over time, you have built an email list of several thousand subscribers that like you and trust you because they find the offers you send them to be useful and valuable.

I happen to be an Internet marketer as well, and I approach you and ask you to send one of my email ads to a portion of your list in exchange for a certain amount of money. You reply by telling me that you will send my ad to 100 of your subscribers for a payment of $50.

The ad is called a Solo Ad because it will go out to 100 list subscribers by itself, and not bundled with any other offers. I benefit because the 100 subscribers will receive the ad from you, whom they already trust and respect. You benefit from the $50 dollar payment, and everybody is happy!

It might be hard to believe this, but there is a huge industry that has been built around this very simple concept, and you can use it to make your business grow in weeks or months rather than years!

There are folks who make a very good living from building huge lists and selling Solo Ads to their subscribers. The whole thing works because these marketers have taken the time to cultivate and nurture their lists, by treating their subscribers with respect and consideration and only offering them products and services of high quality.

These are the list owners you want to find and do business with, so you have to do your research carefully. Unfortunately the Solo Ad industry attracts quite a few crooks and fly-by-night scoundrels who are out to rip people off, and there are a few things you can do to avoid being victimized by them.

When dealing with a prospective Solo Ad vendor, always ask these questions BEFORE you give them any money:

– How did you build your list?
– How responsive is it?
– Have you mailed my particular offer to them before, and if so, what were the results?
– Do you add new subscribers to your list on a regular basis, and if so, how?
– How long have you been a Solo Ad vendor?

You might also want to ask them to let you opt into their list, so you can see what types of offers get sent to it and how often.

Any decent, reputable vendor will get back to you promptly with answers to these questions, which are perfectly reasonable. If you send these questions to a vendor and he/she doesn’t reply in a timely manner, (or does not reply at all), move on to someone else…

If a vendor won’t take the time to answer a few simple questions, it is very likely that they are out to scam people with a list that is dated and unresponsive, or with no list at all, (just bots sending phantom hits to your page).

ALWAYS use tracking software of your own instead of relying on the vendor’s stats, (if they offer any). That way you can make sure that you are getting all the clicks that were promised, (if you pay to have your ad sent to 100 subscribers, you should get 100 clicks to your squeeze page). And if you’re using a halfway decent squeeze page, you should get at least the standard 20 to 30% opt-in rate to your list!

Solo Ads can be a great way to grow your business when used the right way!

My Top Tier Business – A Unique, 100% ‘Done-For-You’ Wealth Creation System

MTTB1-150x150Statistics tell us that close to 98% of people who start a home-based business in the Make Money Online niche end up failing, and they fail for many reasons…

In many cases these reasons include a lack of true drive and the inability to be persistent and consistent when it comes to marketing. Others who fail do so due to their overly unrealistic insistence on relying solely on free traffic generation methods, (a negative tendency we’ve discussed before in this space).

Some folks believe that they will put up a website and get rich overnight as if by magic, without any kind of sustained effort on their part…And then there are those folks who have drive and ability, and who are willing to put in the effort and be consistent, but most of them end up failing as well. The problem with these good, otherwise highly motivated people is that sooner or later they come face to face with a dreaded five-letter word most of us hate…SALES.

The painful truth of the matter is that in the online world, (just as in the brick-and-mortar world), money only exchanges hands once someone sells something to someone else. That something can be a service, a physical product, or just plain time, but the exchange of money only takes place after this process has occurred.

That is why I am always on the lookout for ‘Done-For-You’ business systems that take that painful sales process out of my personal equation, and the best one I have found so far is MyTopTierBusiness, (or MTTB for short). MTTB is one of many programs within MOBE, (or My Online Business Empire), which is the fastest-growing company within the Make Money Online niche. MOBE was created by Australian entrepreneur and online marketing mogul Matt Lloyd.

MTTB is easy to get into in that it is very affordable and simple to execute, and it is also the pathway to a Top-Tier, High-Ticket program that allows you to earn commissions that range from $1,000 to $5,000 without any sales pitches of any kind, and without picking up the phone at all. All that you have to do is promote the system using the strategies that the MTTB 21-Step program teaches.

The program offers personal 1-to-1 coaching with a 6-Figure earner within MOBE that is assigned to you, plus a highly professional phone sales team that calls your leads and closes deals with them on your behalf! (This last point was the main reason why I joined the program). On top of that, it features an unheard-of $500 guarantee if you don’t make money within 30 days of finishing the 21-Step training program.

MTTB/MOBE is the perfect program for people who want to make a significant income online without ever having to sell anything to anyone, and without even having to pick up the phone. This is the first program of that kind I have ever seen and been involved with, and one of the things I love about it is that it takes away the stress and teaches people how to master the art of online marketing as it was meant to be implemented.

MTTB and MOBE make it much, MUCH easier for people to succeed because they offer a genuine ‘done-for-you’ solution to the problems that cause the 98% I mentioned before to fail…Do yourself a favor and learn more by clicking HERE!

There’s No Such Thing as FREE Traffic!

not-free-150x150The quick rise of Internet Marketing and the ease with which it can help aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs create successful businesses are well-known by most people today, and represent a wonderful opportunity.

However, this vertiginous rise has also created a lot of misconceptions and unrealistic expectations that end up hurting a lot of people who attempt to join this industry.

The more I talk to people who are interested in this industry, the more I realize that the fallacy of “free traffic” is one of the main misconceptions that abound out there in relation to online marketing, and I will explain why…

A lot of people thinking about becoming online marketers believe that free techniques like blogging, article marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) will be enough to put their online business on the map and make it successful, without any kind of financial expenditure. This is part of the “something-for-nothing” mindset that the idea of online marketing seems to inspire in many prospective online entrepreneurs today.

While those free techniques do work if properly and consistently implemented, people don’t realize that they usually take a considerable amount of time to render significant results, (the kind of results that would allow a person to replace their income and quit their J-O-B’s). People may not spend money on these techniques, but they are paying in other ways that in my humble opinion are more detrimental than just spending money.

Time is a precious asset that is in many ways more valuable than money. By choosing to invest time rather than money in their online business, people make the uninformed decision to give up their ability to control the rate at which their business grows, and the potential volume that it can reach.

Free marketing techniques do not offer marketers the chance to control what happens to their business, but they do take a lot of time and effort to be crafted and implemented. You can’t control the way in which your article will circulate or how and why it will get linked once it is out in cyberspace, (in other words, you have no way of controlling or even influencing the amount of visitors you will get from that effort).

By the same token, your blog could well sit forever in your hosting account and attract the occasional visitor now and then, (unless you have thousands of uniquely crafted articles that have been published for years, and graced by the magnanimous mercy of Google and Yahoo, which is becoming ever more scarce and rare).

Even if you do start getting decent traffic at some point doing this, (which is unlikely), your investment in time and effort will have been VERY considerable.

In short, if you insist on using free traffic methods all you are doing is working a lot and investing a whole lot of precious time, just so you can end up waiting years for the traffic to show up on its own, (and to be honest with you, it almost never does).

The little traffic that you may manage to get in this situation is not really free, is it? You might have saved money, but your opportunity cost in time and sweat equity will horribly trump the marginal monetary gains you may achieve after having to wait forever for them.

In contrast to free traffic techniques, paid traffic offers online marketers the opportunity to exercise almost complete control over what happens in their business. It also offers the marketer the opportunity to scale up once a winning formula for high return on investment has been found…Free traffic techniques offer no such thing.

Money loves speed, and by using paid traffic even at a very small scale you can find out quickly if your efforts are going in the right direction of if they aren’t. Paid traffic methods provide the speed that money needs in order to decide which way it is going to go!

Like my grandmother used to say, you get what you pay for, and the things you get for free very often end up not being very useful. That principle applies to online marketing perfectly where traffic generation methods are concerned.

Do you want to work hard for years only so you can achieve marginal results very slowly, or do you want to boost your online business and create almost instantaneous cash flow and profits?

What is Pay-Per-View Marketing, (PPV)?


To understand what Pay-Per-View marketing is, first we must quickly review the paid advertising methods that are available to you as an Internet marketer.

There are two types of paid advertising that you can use to promote your online business: Fixed-Cost Advertising and Performance-Based Advertising.

An example of Fixed-Cost Advertising consists on you paying a set fee to display your banner ad or link on a website and hoping that many people see it. It can be effective if you have a sizable advertising budget and if you are more interested in building your brand recognition than in achieving sales. This type of advertising is usually directed to the public at large, without any concerns for targeting a very specific audience.

On the other hand, Performance-Based Advertising consists on you paying for the actions that people take to view your ad and visit your website. It is almost always very targeted to a very specific audience, and you can start using it even if you don’t have a sizable advertising budget. Pay-Per-View marketing belongs in this category, along with Pay-Per-Click.

As you probably already know, Pay-Per-Click is a type of marketing where you use keywords to get people using search engines like Google and Yahoo to click on your ads, and then you pay a fee for each click depending on the keyword. That is a form of Performance-Based Advertising that most people wanting to promote their business on the Internet are familiar with.

However, not many people are aware of the existence of Pay-Per-View marketing and the different Pay-Per-View networks that provide this service. When using Pay-Per-View marketing, you pay for each time that your ad is shown to a person that you target through the use of keywords and URL’s. In other words, you pay for each impression of your ad, (as opposed to paying for each click like in Pay-Per-Click marketing).

Pay-Per-View networks like Lead Impact, TrafficVance, MediaTraffic, and Direct CPV have tens of millions of members who have agreed to be shown advertisements matching their interests, in exchange for being able to download things like screensavers and games. You can become an advertiser on these networks and promote your business to all these millions of people, without having to put up with the inconvenient and often unreasonable hassles that expensive Pay-Per-Click platforms like Google AdWords impose on their users.

It works like this: Say you are promoting your business opportunity, and you want to use PPV marketing. You need to apply for admission into one of the PPV networks, and then research which keywords people looking for a good business opportunity would use on their web searches. When you find the keywords you think would be good, you upload them to your PPV network account and put together a campaign, (which is easy to do).

Once your campaign is running, if a user in the PPV network does a search using one of your keywords, your ad will pop up on their browser in front of them right at the moment when they are searching for what you are offering…THIS IS VERY POWERFUL!

PPV networks work on the bid system, where you bid for the keywords you want to use, and the impressions go to the highest bidder. I have run successful PPV campaigns where I only paid a penny and a half for each impression!

When used properly, PPV marketing can be a very, very affordable way to promote your offer to a very large number of targeted prospects, for a fraction of what it would cost to achieve the same results using PPC with Google or with Facebook.

For more detailed information, I invite you to watch my FREE TRAINING on how to use Pay-Per-View marketing and achieve success in your online business!

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