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It’s a fact that most people get involved in a home based business because they want or need to start making money FAST and not in 3-5 yearsBUT they end up joining the wrong type of business model and never give themselves a chance to achieve their goals & dreams.

Most join a standard MLM business with a “back-loaded” compensation plan. These are primarily the lotions, potions, juices, & coin companies you’ve heard of…the ones that pay you a few bucks per sign-up and require that you build a team of 1000s & fight against a nearly 70% attrition rate before you can get to a 5-Figure monthly income. Most never make it.

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What I’m talking about here is the GPT business model (Get Paid Today) which is where the majority of top income earners in the online marketing industry are flocking. It’s also known as “Top Tier MLM”. This business model has flown “under the radar” and most online marketers don’t know about it but it provides the “front-loaded” compensation plan required to start earning 5-Figures Per Month in your first 30 – 90 days & is absolutely PERFECT for today’s economy

Network marketing success
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