whats-the-difference-150x150This is one of the eternal questions in the home-based business opportunity industry… Which is the best way to go between these two choices?

Both fields have their advantages and disadvantages, but I actually believe that Big Ticket is the way to go, and I’ll tell you why…

Anyone who has had any sort of success with online marketing will tell you that in the end, marketing big ticket opportunities is more profitable and requires just about the same skill that you would need in order to market a small time MLM program that produces next to nothing by way of profit.

This is not to say that MLM sucks or that there’s just no chance of making money in it! In fact, there are quite a few excellent MLM programs out there with compensation plans that feature great potential for wealth generation.

BUT here’s the issue… We’ve talked before about online marketing being a numbers game, right? The problem with MLM is that it really doesn’t lend itself quite easily to our numbers game concept, in the sense that you would need to expose your MLM business to many, many more prospects than you would if you had a big ticket business in order to start achieving success.

The amounts of money involved in MLM are generally quite low, and the profit margins are even lower… It would be much easier for you to replace your current income much faster in a big ticket business than it would be in an MLM business because of this.

As I stated before, a skilled marketer can promote a big ticket business and an MLM business successfully using the same tools and the same knowledge, but his/her advertising dollar would go a hell of a lot longer with big ticket nine times out of ten.

Remember the rule of thumb for marketing? One or two out of every hundred prospects you expose your business to will end up buying if you’re going about marketing the right way, regardless of the opportunity or item you’re selling…

Bearing that in mind, what do you think would be more profitable… Promoting an MLM where you make $20 per sale, or promoting a big ticket business where you make $500 or $1000 per sale?

All else being equal, you will generally sell to one out of every hundred qualified prospects you present your business to, so which one would you prefer?

The money you would spend to find and reach those 100 qualified prospects is the same no matter what, but with big ticket you would recoup your marketing expense with just one sale and everything after that one sale would be pure profit, whereas with MLM you would have to make dozens of sales just to break even… See what I’m saying?

Don’t allow yourself to be seduced by the apparent accessibility and ease involved in marketing MLM programs where your earnings will be low and come after great effort, time and money… In this industry that is a recipe for going bankrupt slowly but surely.

Hate to sound harsh, but if you really want to achieve success in the home-based business opportunity industry you really have to go big or just go home… Small investments of time and money will take you nowhere fast!

Adjust your thinking and aim high, and your reward will be worthy of your time and effort!

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