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If you’re here, you’re most likely looking for a way to make more money using the Internet, and I commend you for taking the first step!

Making money online is certainly doable, but you will need some basic info, along with an understanding of what you are getting yourself into.


In this page, I want to provide a rough outline of the basic information you need to understand, (and the initial steps you need to take), in order to get started in online marketing without losing a lot of money and experiencing a great deal of frustration.

I’ve been involved in online marketing since 2010, but the truth is that I’ve been involved in the Make-Money-From-Home industry ever since the early 1990’s.

Back then the Internet did not exist as we know it today, and we used the telephone, fax machines, classified ads in the newspapers, and the U.S. Postal Service to do our marketing…

We made it work somehow, but things were much harder, much more complicated, and definitely more expensive!

The advent of the Internet changed what is known as Direct Marketing forever, and made it possible for anyone with a computer, a few hundred Dollars, and some basic knowledge of marketing to build a profitable business.

However, the basic principles of business stay the same…

In order to succeed in any business, (be it brick & mortar or online), you need to invest your time, effort, and at least some money, and you need to be willing to be consistent, perseverant, and most of all, realistic.

Your business will not achieve success overnight, it will fail if you don’t put in the work, and it will definitely not come out of thin air as if by magic.


You will need to make a financial investment, but the good news is that the online marketing world gives us the opportunity to start a business with literally just a couple hundred Dollars, whereas a traditional brick & mortar business normally requires an investment of at least a couple hundred thousand Dollars to get started.

Last I heard, the net worth requirement for someone trying to open a McDonald’s or a Subway was of somewhere around $500,000 on the low end, and the initial cash investment was of around $250,000 to acquire the franchise and set the place up, but this was a few years ago… (I’m sure it’s much more expensive now), and didn’t include the on-going overhead, (payroll, utilities, business licenses, taxes, etc).

On the other hand, you can literally start an online business with a website and some user-friendly online tools that will allow you to start building your list…

You won’t have to pay more than a couple hundred bucks to get started and less than a hundred bucks a month in operational expenses…

And you’ll be able to run your online business from your kitchen table, your computer desk, or your own bed if you so choose, but the possibilities are endless…

Your online business could eventually end up replacing your job as your main source of income, and providing you with unbelievable time-freedom…

Which option is better?

Here are the things you will need to get your online business going:

And this is how these different parts of the machinery work together:

You need a blog, because a blog will be the vehicle that will serve as your headquarters on the Internet, and it will help brand you as an intellectual authority in the field of Online Marketing.

Truth is, most people that come into the Make Money Online industry want to work with someone they perceive as being knowledgeable and serious…

And having your own properly set-up blog will help you attract the kind of people you want to attract so they can become your subscribers, and it will in turn help those people perceive you as knowledgeable and serious.

Having talked about the blog website, I will now tell you that… The most important thing you need is your own list of subscribers that know you, like you, and trust you, because your income and your success will depend on it.

Let me explain: Let’s say you like Golf, and one day you’re surfing the web looking for golf-related stuff, and you come across a great website with all kinds of information about golf…

You’re looking around and you see an information request form, (or lead capture form), on the upper right side of the page offering a free gift in exchange for your email address.

You decide you like what you see on the website and would like the free gift, so you enter your email address into the lead capture form.

What you’ve actually done is add your email address to the website owner’s list of email subscribers, and now he/she will begin sending you emails every couple of days or so, containing all kinds of information about Golf, with a golf-related sales offer or two mixed in between every now and then.

That list owner uses something called an autoresponder to store the leads and to send emails out to those leads every so often… The autoresponder helps the list owner manage his business, execute proper customer relations, and stay compliant with the laws that govern email marketing.

My autoresponder of choice is Aweber and I recommend it highly, because it is very affordable, reliable, professional, and user-friendly.

Marketing is a numbers game, so imagine if this list owner in our example has 5,000 leads in his/her autoresponder, or 10,000, or 20,000… And every now and then, (say maybe once a week), he/she sends them a sales email offering a golf-related trinket that makes him/her a $5 profit…

That is how the real and consistent money is made in online marketing, no matter what the niche or area of interest may be…

In our case, our niche is the Make Money industry, and we’re looking to build a list of Business Opportunity BUYERS, (as opposed to business opportunity seekers, who are really a waste of your time and effort).

And lastly, the training… You will need training on how to build your blogging website, how to master the art of getting these Business Opportunity Buyers to go your website, fill out your lead capture form, give you their email address, and become your list subscribers… And you will also need training on proper list and blog management.


Where and how can I get all this, and will it cost me an arm and a leg? You ask…

Back in the day, I wrote a bunch of separate blog posts explaining this in more detail and providing some training for the people in my list, and up until not too long ago I was thinking of making extended video tutorials with step by step instructions on how to put this all together, but now I don’t have to…

I don’t have to because I found a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable solution that covers everything I’ve mentioned here and that I now use every day…

This solution provides all the training and the tools anyone will ever need to start and run a successful online business in the Make Money Online industry, and it is called MyLeadSystemPro, or MLSP.


MLSP is a marketing solution that was created by online marketers in the MLM niche almost ten years ago, but shortly after that it became a platform intended for all marketers in the much larger Make Money Online niche.

It offers a blogging platform with comprehensive instructions, the ability of creating as many lead capture pages as you may need, (or even complete sales funnels if you want to), and all the online marketing training you will ever need in order to get people to subscribe to your list… They will even provide you with the freebies you need in order to entice people to subscribe to your list!



Everything inside MLSP is internet-based, meaning that you won’t have to spend any additional money on hosting your blog website, or any lead capture pages or sales funnels you may create after you’ve gone through the training.

And you will be able to host any business video presentations you may create within MLSP as well, without having to spend any additional extra money or rely on the mercies of finicky video websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

MLSP is truly an all-inclusive business solution for us online marketers in the Make Money niche!

That’s what MLSP offers as far as tools are concerned, but it can also function as a Funded Proposal System that can help you promote any business opportunity you may already be involved with… To find out what a Funded Proposal System is, click here.

MLSP has a generic autoresponder with limited functions, and it is OK, but not really good for what we want to achieve here, and that’s why I recommend Aweber, (which goes hand in hand with MLSP).

So, these are the only things you really need in order to get started with Online Marketing today… You will find step by step instructions on how to put everything together and get it working inside MLSP… They will even show you how to use your Aweber autoresponder!

You can get your Aweber autoresponder and your MLSP membership today for about $70, with all the tools and training that I mentioned above… Less than $100!

By doing this today and making a commitment to taking action and sticking with the training inside MLSP , you will be light years ahead of the learning curve, and in a much better position than the average online marketing newbie who ends up losing all his money chasing his tail in a vicious cycle.


I want to thank you again for visiting my website, and commend you for your interest in achieving financial independence… Just like online marketing, this website is an ever-changing work in progress, so check it regularly for new information and marketing techniques…

To Your Success!