home-based business in AmericaSo, we’re in the middle of this hotly contested general election, and the candidates are using the fragile state of our economy to beat each other upside the head.

The latest economic numbers were released this past Friday, and while we’re not doing horrible, we’re not doing as well as we should be doing on the jobs front.

It was reported that part of the reason why there was a slight decrease in the rate of unemployment is that some people have actually given up in the search for a job, and stopped looking altogether. A sad state of affairs indeed!

However, this situation proves why this is precisely the right moment to consider starting a home-based business! The fourth quarter of the year is traditionally a very, very good time for the home-based business industry, maybe the best out of the entire year.

If you are one of those folks who have been downsized out of a J-O-B, or a victim of outsourcing, or your employer went out of business, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do a reset, and start focusing your efforts into taking advantage of this moment to start building something for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants to make us realize that there’s a better path!

To me there is nothing more depressing than having someone else controlling my time and my income, and being stuck in a routine that enriches others but leaves me depleted of enthusiasm and motivation. That is exactly what a J-O-B is, and if this economic upheaval has forced you out of that sad situation, you ought to be glad!

I can show you the options, programs, techniques, and knowledge that can take you from being disgruntled and unemployed to being happy and secure in the knowledge that your efforts are going into building a better situation for your family, and not your old boss’s family.

Stick with me in this blog, so I can share the knowledge of the home-based business industry I’ve been accumulating since 1993. It’s been almost 20 years, and throughout that time I have learned that I can rely entirely on myself and my efforts for economic independence, and you can learn how to do that too!

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