compellingemailsubjectlinesWhen it comes to email marketing, you can have the best marketing message and the best list of prospects in the world, but if your email’s subject line stinks you will go NOWHERE.

Why? Because your subject line will determine whether your email gets opened or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, your entire effort has¬†been useless.¬†Conversely, you could have a mediocre marketing message that goes out under a winning subject line, and then you will see success due to the high amount of messages that will be opened.

Like much everything else in marketing, the numbers game is a strong factor for success. But you still need the right tools, and the subject line is one such tool that will definitely make you or break you.

With subject lines you need to get creative. The CAN-SPAM law that governs email marketing says that subject lines cannot be deceiving and must accurately reflect the nature of your offer. There are ways to satisfy this requirement without coming across as a cheap spammer, but still managing to spark your prospect’s curiosity enough to compel him/her to open your email.

What I would suggest you do is take all the messages that land in your SPAM box and analyze them. Most of them will be junk, but a few of them will feature subject lines and content that were expertly written, and will compel you to open them and look at the content. The reason why they end up in the SPAM box is because the different email service providers like Yahoo, Google, etc. keep getting more and more restrictive and strict by the day where email marketing is concerned.

Emulate these good emails when writing yours and imprint your own personal style unto them without copying word for word. The important thing is that you understand why that specific email and its subject line compelled you to find out more about whatever offer was being advertised.

When writing subject lines for our industry keep in mind who our prospects are. The subject line should feature a benefit or a solution in a way that will compel the prospect to want to learn more.

For example, I work almost exclusively with online business models that require no selling, “closing”, or overcoming objections, because the automated systems involved do all of that for me. That is a very attractive feature that can be described succinctly in the form of a subject line: “Earn 6 Figures Without Selling, “Closing”, or Overcoming Objections!”

When someone looking to make money using the Internet receives an email with that subject line, chances are he/she will open it to see what it is about, and that is exactly your goal. The email under this subject line should be short, concise, to the point, and should point your prospect to a squeeze page where they enter their email address and other pertinent information and opt into your list of subscribers.

Remember…An effective subject line is worth its weight in gold, because it will help you build your list of subscribers and grow your business!

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