squeeze-page-150x150What elements do you use to build an effective squeeze page? For the answer to that question, we must first establish what the purpose of a squeeze page is…

A squeeze page’s purpose is one and only one: To SQUEEZE your prospect’s email address from him/her, so you can then follow up with them using your sales autoresponder messages.

That is why your squeeze page has to be very short and to the point, containing only a hint of information about your offer, and used in such a way as to stimulate your prospect’s curiosity.

Also, it is customary to give away something for free to the prospect in exchange for his/her email address. The usual thing you will find that people give away is access to an information webinar or a free report, (that’s what I do).

One thing you definitely want to do is craft the copy of your squeeze page featuring the main points of your offer’s USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.

In simple terms, a unique selling proposition is a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to your TARGET market.

Let’s analyze a squeeze page that I utilize often while promoting my primary program…You can find it HERE.

You are someone who is interested in starting an online business that will work for you, right?

If I target you in my promotion of the primary company that I work with, chances are I will cause you to visit my company website and opt into my list by pointing out the company’s USP to you in my squeeze page using just a few carefully selected words.

That’s how this works!

One critical mistake that a lot of new online marketers make is trying to sell their product right from their squeeze page. They cram loads and loads of copy in there and forget what the squeeze page’s fundamental purpose is: To capture your prospect’s email address so you can expose your offer to him/her in different ways over an extended period of time.

A rule of thumb in this industry is that a prospect normally has to see your marketing message seven or eight times in order to trust you and feel motivated to buy from you, and that is your autoresponder’s job.

The only way to get there is by capturing the prospect’s email address, and you can do that only by using an effective, succinct, and well-made squeeze page.

You can find my favorite resource for killer squeeze pages HERE. It is affordable and very user-friendly. It will enable you to get both your business and your list-building ability going the right way from the start!

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