youtube1-150x150So, we all know that YouTube is a gigantic presence on the Internet, and that it can help us take our business to the next level. After Facebook and Google, YouTube is the site that receives the most traffic in all of the web. That’s a fact.

Another fact is that YouTube has been going through many changes in recent years, and it isn’t what it used to be anymore. Now the site administrators have become much more finicky about who they’ll let operate on the site unmolested and who they won’t.

Since YouTube was bought by Google, home-based online marketers have been finding it harder and harder to use the site to their advantage. Many of them have even had their accounts terminated arbitrarily, because the people who run YouTube now have developed a dislike for folks who want to use the site for business purposes from their home. That is, the big business hitters are welcome but the little people like us are not.

I know many successful online marketers who have been hit by YouTube’s whimsical attitudes, and who have opted to abandon the site altogether. I can’t say I blame them, but the truth is that those of us who are not big hitters can really benefit from using the huge, free platform that YouTube offers for massive exposure.

This can still be done, but you have to be a lot more discreet and careful than you were in the past while using the site. The following tips should allow you to use YouTube without running the constant risk of immediate termination:

a) Don’t be overtly open about the fact that you are trying to make money from home. Be tactful and turn your video into an informational product instead of having it be a crass advertisement for whatever it is you are selling. Remember the concept of Attraction Marketing? YouTube is the perfect venue for it!

b) Don’t use obvious marketing words or gimmicks as titles or tags for your video. You’re going to have to get creative and find a way to come up with titles and tags that relate closely to your business, but that don’t automatically advertise the fact that you are soliciting business from anyone.

c) Don’t accept comments or ratings to your videos. Shut this function down, because if your video starts getting a lot of hits quickly, the YouTube police get alerted immediately and come around checking to see what your video is all about. If they see that you are advertising a home-based Internet business, chances are good that they’ll take down the video and terminate your account.

In summary, you can still use YouTube for business purposes, but you have to be careful and discreet about it. Use YouTube to establish yourself as someone who is knowledgeable about running a business from home. Use YouTube to develop the “know-like-trust” relationship with your prospective customers that I talk about in my web marketing course, instead of using it to hawk your product or service willy-nilly.

Be smart about using YouTube and you’ll see your business benefit from it!

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