I buy a lot of domain names! Some I choose to keep and others I let expire, but I do buy a lot of them. If you’re serious about Internet marketing you have to.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, you make your own lead-producing web pages, or you work with marketing systems that provide you with their own product or webinar sites, having your own domain name gives you credibility and an air of legitimacy that you just can’t get from an affiliate URL link.

There is a big difference between marketing a short, clear, easily readable domain name that contains two or three words, and marketing a kilometric, unpronounceable hieroglyphic that happens to have a fortuitous “.com” at the end.

If you’ve been involved in the internet business industry for any amount of time, you have no doubt received countless emails from well-intentioned folks who are marketing all kinds of programs, services and products, (I know I have, and still do on a daily basis). Nothing makes me cringe harder than when I read a well-written, enticing promotional email from someone telling me to click on one of these kilometric, indecipherable URL’s. It’s very off-putting and unprofessional!

I should say that most people that come into this industry don’t set out to be unprofessional, (of course), but they do allow their enthusiasm to get the best of them before they have had a chance to learn anything, and this is the kind of stuff that happens. I’ve been there…Hence this article! };-)

The right thing to do when you are promoting an affiliate link is to come up with a domain name that reflects the benefits provided by the product or service that you are marketing.

For example, say you are marketing an automated business system that does most of the hard work of attracting leads and selling itself to them, but the URL your company gives you looks like this:


The last thing you want to do is go out and start marketing that monstrosity!

What you actually want to do is get a domain name that you can forward to that web page in order to conceal the ugly and generic URL you’ve been given. You can come up with something like http://www.learnhowtomakemoney.net, which looks much better and makes more sense to the brain as it tries to decipher the images it receives.

And something else you should do is include one or some of the keywords pertinent to your offer in that domain name, so that when it gets indexed by the search engines you’ll have a better chance at achieving a decent position in their result pages.

Buying domain names and using them to your benefit is actually a really easy process, which I will cover in a separate article. For right now just know that, for the sake of your credibility as an Internet marketer, the indecipherable affiliate URL your company gives you should never really see the light of day!

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