Ever since blogging became the preferred method to generate website traffic, PLR (Private Label Rights) articles have become very popular among Internet marketers, but I think they do more harm than good, and I’ll tell you why.

A PLR article starts life as a piece written by someone looking to sell it along with a license known as “private label rights”. This license actually gives the buyer the right to do things like give the article away, re-sell it, use it as content for blogs or Ebooks, and even to rebrand it and claim authorship of it.

The basic idea involved is for bloggers to get a bunch of these articles, upload them to their blog, and watch the traffic skyrocket as Google indexes their content and links/backlinks are created. Pretty nifty, right?

BUT, here’s the problem: Most of the PLR articles that are available for purchase all over the web have been sold and resold thousands of times, and this has resulted in hundreds, (if not thousands), of blogs and websites featuring the same exact content.

Google HATES this!

As we all know, Google is the big kid on the block when it comes to indexing the Internet, and it is the most used search engine in the world. Google has been altering its indexing algorithm lately, and going through phases they have assigned cute little names to, like Panda and Penguin.

The result of these alterations to Google’s algorithm is that now the only sites that will get indexed in such a way as to achieve high page rankings are the sites that feature original content. When the last algorithm alteration took place earlier this year we saw thousands of websites crash and burn because of this new circumstance!

Now, I’ve got to point out that PLR articles can still be used, but they have become impractical. This is because you have to re-write them and change them drastically before posting them to your blog, so you won’t run the risk of Google recognizing them as old content and dinging you for it with a low ranking.

In view of that situation, I’ve reached a personal conclusion: If I am going to have to spend time re-writing badly written (and sometimes expensive) PLR articles that come with poor syntax and bad grammar, I might as well spend that time writing my own content properly.

This way I won’t have to spend a dime, and Google will like me and my website much better for it!

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