To understand what Pay-Per-View marketing is, first we must quickly review the paid advertising methods that are available to you as an Internet marketer.

There are two types of paid advertising that you can use to promote your online business: Fixed-Cost Advertising and Performance-Based Advertising.

An example of Fixed-Cost Advertising consists on you paying a set fee to display your banner ad or link on a website and hoping that many people see it. It can be effective if you have a sizable advertising budget and if you are more interested in building your brand recognition than in achieving sales. This type of advertising is usually directed to the public at large, without any concerns for targeting a very specific audience.

On the other hand, Performance-Based Advertising consists on you paying for the actions that people take to view your ad and visit your website. It is almost always very targeted to a very specific audience, and you can start using it even if you don’t have a sizable advertising budget. Pay-Per-View marketing belongs in this category, along with Pay-Per-Click.

As you probably already know, Pay-Per-Click is a type of marketing where you use keywords to get people using search engines like Google and Yahoo to click on your ads, and then you pay a fee for each click depending on the keyword. That is a form of Performance-Based Advertising that most people wanting to promote their business on the Internet are familiar with.

However, not many people are aware of the existence of Pay-Per-View marketing and the different Pay-Per-View networks that provide this service. When using Pay-Per-View marketing, you pay for each time that your ad is shown to a person that you target through the use of keywords and URL’s. In other words, you pay for each impression of your ad, (as opposed to paying for each click like in Pay-Per-Click marketing).

Pay-Per-View networks like Lead Impact, TrafficVance, MediaTraffic, and Direct CPV have tens of millions of members who have agreed to be shown advertisements matching their interests, in exchange for being able to download things like screensavers and games. You can become an advertiser on these networks and promote your business to all these millions of people, without having to put up with the inconvenient and often unreasonable hassles that expensive Pay-Per-Click platforms like Google AdWords impose on their users.

It works like this: Say you are promoting your business opportunity, and you want to use PPV marketing. You need to apply for admission into one of the PPV networks, and then research which keywords people looking for a good business opportunity would use on their web searches. When you find the keywords you think would be good, you upload them to your PPV network account and put together a campaign, (which is easy to do).

Once your campaign is running, if a user in the PPV network does a search using one of your keywords, your ad will pop up on their browser in front of them right at the moment when they are searching for what you are offering…THIS IS VERY POWERFUL!

PPV networks work on the bid system, where you bid for the keywords you want to use, and the impressions go to the highest bidder. I have run successful PPV campaigns where I only paid a penny and a half for each impression!

When used properly, PPV marketing can be a very, very affordable way to promote your offer to a very large number of targeted prospects, for a fraction of what it would cost to achieve the same results using PPC with Google or with Facebook.

For more detailed information, I invite you to watch my FREE TRAINING on how to use Pay-Per-View marketing and achieve success in your online business!

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