viral-marketing-social-media-phoenix-150x150As we all know, traffic is the fuel that drives all commercial activity on the Internet. Without traffic, even the most modern and beautifully designed website will eventually wither away and die. This is why traffic generation has to be your #1 concern as an Internet entrepreneur!

Today I want to discuss traffic exchanges as a means of traffic generation. There are thousands of them all over the web, and more are popping up every day. A lot of people put them down as useless and time-wasting, but in my experience not all of them are. The main thing you need to keep in mind when dealing with traffic exchanges is that they  should be just one more element in a much greater traffic generation strategy, and not the strategy in itself.

Traffic exchanges are just that…The basic principle at play is that if you agree to take a decent look at my website, I will take a decent look at yours. Depending on the specific traffic exchange and the offer you are promoting, this can bring good results for you. I have found attractive marketing programs and services in traffic exchanges that I use to this day with good results!

Most traffic exchanges are free to join, and many of them offer affordable options to advertise your offer to all of their members. You will generally receive a guarantee that your website will be viewed every time you view someone else’s site. The method by which traffic exchanges allow you to build up credit is called “surfing”, and consists of spending about 10 to 15 seconds on each member’s site viewing their offer. In return, your website will be placed on the viewing queue for others to visit in the same manner.

You can also earn credit by bringing others into the exchange and building a downline. When you are dealing with a good traffic exchange this can create a viral effect, and truly multiply the traffic to each website in the queue exponentially, (but again, in my experience, this doesn’t happen with every exchange, though). That’s why you have to be selective about which traffic exchanges you decide to invest time and effort in.

The important thing here is to keep in mind that the other people “surfing” the exchange are doing the same thing you are doing, which is trying to increase exposure to their offer. They will not necessarily be in buying mode at the time, and are trying to generate leads and maybe grow their mailing list with an eye on the future. That is why you should not use traffic exchanges with the intent of generating sales, (though this can happen from time to time, especially if you are promoting a traffic generation product, or a product/service that can aid other members in marketing their offers).

The traffic exchanges that I have gotten good results from and recommend are these:


Since more and more exchanges are coming online every day this list may eventually grow, but as of right now these are the exchanges that are working for me. I would suggest to you that spending the time setting accounts up with them is worth the effort, because in the quest for traffic generation no stone should be left unturned!


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