wolfentlogo1Any smart Internet marketer knows that success comes from a blend of marketing efforts, both online and offline. This is especially true where the home-based business industry is concerned, and no advertising company supports home-based business marketers with offline marketing options better than Wolf Enterprises.

Wolf Enterprises is run by Randy and Carol Wolf of Merritt Island, Florida. The company specializes in the brokerage of classified and display ads, and in putting together some of the most responsive mailing lists of business opportunity seekers in the industry. It offers affordable advertising packages in all the important business opportunity magazines of wide circulation, including Entrepreneur Magazine and the business section of the USA Today newspaper.

I have had good results using Mr. Wolf’s mailing lists in my direct mail campaigns, and had good results with the display ads he designs for magazines as well. The display ads are usually more expensive than plain classified ads, but generally garner higher visibility and yield better results.

The key to success with this type of advertising is consistency, and Wolf Enterprises offers affordable options that will allow you to run lasting advertising campaigns that will build credibility for you in the minds of your prospects. As you probably know, one of the basic rules of thumb in marketing says that a prospect needs to be exposed to your marketing message an average of seven times before he/she will make the decision to buy from you, and Mr. Wolf’s ad campaigns are designed specifically to that end.

And if you decide to run direct mail campaigns using postcards to market your online business systems like I do, you can’t do better than going with Wolf Enterprises when it comes to quality, responsive, affordable mailing lists of business opportunity seekers. I have had great response rates of up to 3% using Mr. Wolf’s lists, which is way above average for the industry as a whole.

Do yourself and your business a favor and combine your online marketing efforts with the offline services provided by Wolf Enterprises. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results…And tell Mr. Wolf I say hello!  };-)

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