You are what you say you are, and your idea of what you are is determined by the bounds of your intent and determination to truly become that which you want to be.

Do you want to become an entrepreneur enough to say to others that that’s what you are? Or are you just another tire-kicker with big daydreams and no true gumption to go for what you really want?

I’d say that a very high percentage of the people who stumble unto the home-based industry are tire-kickers. I say that because a vast majority of those who consider the idea of becoming home-based entrepreneurs don’t realize that becoming self-employed is a hard endeavor that requires time, preparation, study, effort, and at least a little bit of money to get started.

Many come into this believing that they can start raking in the dough from one day to the next, just by joining a promising web business venture or network marketing company, putting up a nice website, and telling all their friends and family about it. NOTHING could be further from the truth, and sadly, a lot of people find this out the hard way.

They allow their discouragement to get the best of them, and end up giving up their dream, just so they can go back to a dead end J-O-B that continually threatens to cease to exist. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? If it has don’t feel bad, because it has certainly happened to me, and more than once.

We are what we say we are! I have learned enough about being self-employed in the home-business industry to know that the last thing I would ever want to go around saying to people is that I am stuck in a low-paying, dead end J-O-B that sucks the joy and motivation out of my daily existence.

How would you like to be able to say to people that you are someone who successfully supports him/herself running a successful business from home? The knowledge and the tools needed to achieve such a station in this life do exist. They are VERY REAL and they are at your disposal, but you have to want to improve your life and that of your loved ones enough to invest the time and effort needed to unlock these tools and put them to work for you. It’s all in the choice you make about what your life is going to be like.

So, what’s your choice? Are you truly willing to become who you say you want to be?

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